Pray for Others

The following are prayers for the week from inmates taking the Bible Study class at (MCI) in O. for the week of Apr 20, 2015. May God bless you abundantly for praying for those in prison!
Duane F:
For my Family and friends to strongly love and be the person God wants us to be and share the blessings that are happening as we grow.
Mark W:
Please pray for my son Aaron who got laid off. Please pray for a new job. Also for my step son Dylan just graduated and is looking for a job.
Jim H:
Please pray for my specific performance goals – so I can return home (Ohio) to my wife of 53 years a better man. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Angelo V:
For Jesus working in and through me so I can be one of His blessings.
Paul N:
Thank you for praying for my daughter Kelli’s health and strength. Prayers were answered. God bless you.

Prayer is requested for Helen - in Ukraine. She is trying to regain her teaching position at the Technical college in her city. The president of the school said she would have it back if she finishes her Master's degree. We helped her financially for 4 years with the tuition. But we have to cut back now and so we ask God will open a door for Helen. She is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and He does answer her needs, so we are told, so your prayers are greatly sought, thank you In Jesus Name

please lord help me pass this class micrbio I need it for the next step to help me be a nurse I already took it 3 times please god help me please.

Thank you for continuing prayers for a job for my son-in-law, Sean. He was scheduled for an interview last Friday, cancelled and changed to today, called today it is next Monday. Needless to say, he is discouraged. God bless you as you continue to pray for him. Let us believe for the interview to happen on Monday and for the job to be offered to him.
God bless you,

I pray over my relationship with Nathan - that God bless and fill it with truth, honesty, love, patience, joy, and peace. I declare and decree this in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

It's been over a year and I still have not found employment. Our money has run out and we've already borrowed from relatives. We are stressed out beyond belief. My faith is dimming and we are losing all hope. Please pray for our family.

R.J. - please pray for my music ministry, both vocally & on the organ, that my service to Him will be fully in line with the will of Christ Jesus & I ask you to pray the Lord's favor upon me as well.

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith with kindness-joy-love-hope

pray for me for divine protection, miracles in my life for housing and a good place to stay and for god divine intervention on my behalf and for god angels to help me win and keep me from evil men and woman in ohio and wrong friends. thank you.

My father died last year and my mother who is 80 years old spends all of her time with my husband and me. My husband is getting crouch with her and now she hates her life. I know that I should make time for my husband but I can't hurt my mother. I need God to open both their eyes to see and understand how the other feels. Thank you