Pray for Others

please pray for mary who is having cartoroid surgery the 12th, for me for my feet , they say its neuropathy & no help or cure for it but please pray Gods perfect will & healing and let me walk freely comfortably again, for david health & sales, jb to keep the pas acct mom for all her needs, & please pray for all in need and thank you for your rpayer

Please continue to pray for my daughter and me. We are both under almost unbearable stress. Mine affects my blood pressure and makes me very ill. I have many more medical problems, also. My daughter is in danger. Pray that God will send angels to protect us. Thanks and God bless.

Please pray that Sarah- of NV will successfully move out of her apartment on time, that she won't be sued for damages, and will keep her job at A.

Please pray that Deon - of NV will be kept in custody until Sarah and family move into their new apartment.

Please pray Paul - a teacher at P. V. High School, will complete the end of year testing without incident or violation, that he will be able to have lessons for his students for the rest of the school year, that he will be able to handle uncooperative students.

Please pray for my friend Ursula who past away .may she rest in peace.

I feel directed to move to a new city. My husband is VERY against it. I need confirmation from God what is the right path.

Please pray that everything works out and we are approved to be foster/to adopt parents. The waiting is hard when you want children in your life please pray we receive good news soon, thank you.

Please Lord Jesus Help All My Situations. Please Continue To Help Me With The Problem I Am Having. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

I recently adopted a dog. I've had many pets over the years. But this time I just don't know if I'm up to the responsibility of retraining, etc. My patience is short.I'm stressed, frustrated. She is so cute and smart. I need God's guidance and wisdom to know if I should return her to the shelter or keep and work with her. One reason I got a dog was that I know I'm a little depressed and spend too much time watching tv and not going out. With a dog I'm forced to. Also she now has some toys she loves and if I return her I'm not sure if they will make sure she keeps her toys and send them home with her when she gets adopted again. I worry that she will be more traumatized by being returned. I worry that she won't be happy. I've been praying for God to help me with my lack of doing more but I'm not sure if I'm up to this commitment which could be 12 to 15 years. I need prayers and guidance. Thank you