Pray for Others

Please pray for my son, Adam, as he studies tonight and prepares for a college final tomorrow that he can focus and concentrate extremely well. Please pray that he can excel on his exam tomorrow and additional exams this week. Please pray he can endure as he hopes to hear soon about his medical school acceptance. Thank you kindly for all his prayer request over the past week..

God please I know everything is in your time But I pray in Jesus name please let me pass My math and science course and my admin class please please I raise it up to you in Jesus name please let me pass these classes Amin

Help me with my blood pressure and losing weight. Help me to get back to helping others and being a blessing to others.

Please pray that an MRI of my left arm( tomorrow May 5) is negative for anything suspicious.Also that the liver problems I have are not serious and that my immune condition will be healed completely- chronic severe sinus infectons. I need some hope that things will get better. God bless you, Melanie

I would like prayer for my teenager named Daniel. I pray he is delivered from hopelessness, isolation, and spirit of insecurity, and inferiority. I decree he is a blessed, and glorious creation of GOD! I pray GOD turns his direction all the way around. In JESUS name. Amen!

Miracle prayers for Dustin please. He has an amazing opportunity in front of him. Please pray he has the strength and courage to take it now and doesn't let it pass him by. That he walks through the door of blessings God's opened to him to give him the fulfilling life he deserves. That he no longer wastes his life trying to please the wrong people. that he takes the blessings and allows it to change his. ijnip believing God will get him through it! Amen

Miracle prayers that I am blessed with the desires of my heart and can finally be with the one I love. I believe! ijnip amen

I too am needing a car. I believe the Lord spoke to my heart that He would provide one that would be given to me. As I read this story it encouraged me to ask for prayer about it. I asked if it could be blue; automatic; a/c, heater, and well-maintained. Oh, thank you for praying with me for this needed provision of a car!

Please pray for Jeff... the Enemy is attacking through alcoholism. He's pushed his family away and lost jobs. He needs help to quit drinking, but needs counseling for all the underlying issues - but he won't do it. He has a good heart but doesn't know it. He needs God, but he won't turn to Him. Thank you.

Nathan was diagnosed with cancer. His PSA was at 9 and now the oncologist said it is more than 28. Please pray for Nathan's healing. He has a very strong faith.