Pray for Others

We finally got our care home licence, but no residents. We've spent thousands of our savings and keep spending more as we wait. We've put the word out there, but nothing. The odd call but they don't fit. I feel up against a brick wall, in limbo. I've worked so hard to get everything ready but feel like a failure. I can't feel God's presence even though I pray often. Does He not care about me or Ken? It's hard to keep up my spirits when I'm in limbo. I'm sure other people can cope better with sort of thing but I'm having a very hard time. Our savings are dwindling and no hope in sight. I really do feel hopeless. It's a constant battle to stay even and not break down and cry. Would you pray for us? I don't even know for what.Some days I don't even know if I can run a care home and look after the elderly. I'm such a wreck! I've worked for 2 1/2 years for this and spent 1000s. Now what? Help!

Dear lord and prayer warriors pls pray my brother steve receive the miracle cure he was promised and then did not receive and he needs God to help him from committing suicide and to find new non alcohol related friends who care abt him and to spend time with. Please send helping Angels now. For me they are trying to hurt me at work by harassing me to lose my job. Pls gird and protect me and help me to find work I like that can pay the rent and bills and save for a house, pls ask my boyfriend why he stays if he does not love me and why he stays up all night on Internet. Have done all I could for him yet it hasn't been enough. Pls give guidance and hope, with love and gratitude

My husband Nick has liver cancer and cirossis of the liver. Please pray for little suffering.

Please Lord Jesus Help Heal My Skin Condition. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Thank you God. For Mike. For our equipment. For me. For a resolution. For peace. For understanding. For your incredible miracle working. Amen.

I have a job interview on Thursday! Please pray for me that the Lord will guide and lead me during the interview and that I will obtain a teaching position locally!

TY God for C head & neck pain gone esp R side, for SLÈEEEEEP for C & M tonight, For C HEALED R ARM (L arm a bit) R FOOT, toes, C & M moist comfortable healthy tissues, free of Excess Mucous, CLEARED EARS SINUSES (ears hear well!) only-healthy-organisms in body, especially stomach, for Perfect PH Balance & Tissues Hydrated, Left SHOULDER/CHEST DISCHARGE AREA HEALED, for strong healed CIRCULATION healed CIRCULATION in TISSUES BLOOD VESSELS LEGS FEET ARMS esp R arm/foot & HEAD NECK sides of L esp, & in Eyes, & from bed, pillows, BATHROOM trips affects, big protection fm negative energies, emotions, for HEALED TEETH ESP UPPER RIGHT REAR TWO, energy stamina strength endurance, God bless all praying & everyone's speedy total healing!

Please pray to the Lord that the agency will finish our home study for adoption this week.

Please pray for Christine, she has had a difficult childhood, dealing with family abandonment issues, has endured multiple emotional trauma, has lost her spiritual way. Please pray that the Lord would provide guidance, wisdom, love, peace, strength and hope. Pray that she would receive spiritual, mental, physical and emotional help from God. In Jesus's name Amen! Thank You...

Please pray for John and his family, a family member is very ill and he has mounting medical expenses that have not been reimbursed by his carrier. Lord you know something is not right with the situation. Pray for guidance, wisdom, strength and hope. Pray also for righteousness to prevail. In Jesus's name Amen! Thank You for all your prayer...