Pray for Others

that god heals my joints and especially my knee from surgery that never healed so i can work and that he gives me a job i can do

Please pray for me that I should finally be rid of anxiety and panic attacks. I have "had" them my whole entire life (64 years) and I am practically housebound due to them. Both sides of my family have been sufferers of this plus depression. I know deep in my heart that God heals all and that I am perfect in HIM. But that niggling little thing hampers me totally. I know that I need to just let it go....I wish that I could just pluck it out and fling it to the heavens to get lost in oblivion. I am not my best self due to this....Is this a generational curse? I witnessed both my parents in the throes of depression and anxiety. Both of them adopting addictive behaviors. Thank GOD I do not. I just want to be free. I was a good daughter, good wife, good mother, good friend, good mother, good worker.
I just want the rest of my life to be free of the uncalled for anxiety and fear. I can face life....all kinds of stuff has been thrown my way....I am strong...just want the invisible threat to leave me. Thank you very much. Sandy

My son Kelly is undergoing surgery for his knee right now. I ask for your prayers for him to come out of the surgery and his heart is strong.

I want to give thanks to GOD first and foremost and to all that pray for and with me in matters of my life concerns, without HIS guidance and wisdom I truly would be a lost soul and I give appreciation and gratefulness to HIM and to all that aid in HIS work.

Please allow Rose to enter your kingdom with
dignity & peace.

praying for family and my mother Diane praying for doors to open for her own catering business In Jesus Name Amen.

Please pray that my Mom Judy gets a good report tomorrow at the doctor. They think her cancer has spread. Please pray that the cancer leaves her body completely. Please pray for my Dad who has some tests at the cardiologist on Friday as they are wondering if something is wrong with his heart. Please pray his heart is good. Please pray for health and happiness for our entire family as there are several medical issues going on right now and with my fiance dying from wasp stings a few months ago I am really having a hard time dealing with everything right now. Please pray for all of us that we always follow the Lord and know that he is always by our side. Thank You and God Bless You - Gina

Dear God Let the miracle of LOVE LOVE LOVE lead us guide us strengthen us, weave new, better ways of being, of forgiving, &loving, empowering balanced actions & for perfect love love love-centered God-Guided healing solutions (for love-based SAFETY healing willingness for C, for love w/ emotion) all this for ourselves and others, today & all days, Thy Ways Amen! Thank you for Your many blessings of today!

My husband is the adult child of an alcoholic. He uses rejection and mocking to communicate. He is very passive aggressive. I am tired and lonely. Please pray for healing in our marriage and in our hearts. Please pray for an in-filling of the Holy Spirit in our marriage and for redemption, restoration and forgiveness. Thank you.

I come asking in prayer that my financial needs are meet through my friend Kenny and hopefully business partner coming on board. Father I have so much presssure and stress within my life rihgt now, dealing with adult children drug/alcohol/court issues. One is schedule efor faith based alcohol recovery long term program the other Salvation Army drug addition program. I can not take this any longer and ask you tkae my worry and handle these issues. I also need a "short" term loan until I get finances to beging a wonderful business opportunity you have blessed me with. I ask and pray you take over allthes issues andnow and rescue me and my family , I pray thrlough your son jesus Christ who died for my sins. Amen
PS: Forgive me for my meanness in atttitude towards my wife and others forgive me Lord. AMen