Pray for Others

My son, Gerald, is having to move to a new apartment with his son, Gage. Custody issues and the need for a lawyer have left him financially drained. He doesn't have excess funds for moving expenses or his legal fees. I have been praying for God's mercy on his situation, but I don't know if this is what I should be asking. Thank you!

I fell 10 days ago and just found out my knee cap is broken in two places...i have a full leg brace that i have to wear and can't walk..i pray for God to heal me and i have a staph infection

Please pray that my labwork would come back with good results. Pray for my sister who is battling a long history of alcohol and drugs abuse. Pray for my 16 yrs old daughter who is in need of godly frienships, and mental clarity. I too am in need of godly friendships. Pray that I would be allowed adopt my nephew if need be. So much going on around me and in me, I hope to grow closer to God. Please pray for my brother incarcerated, who has multiple kids by multiple woman, and has been absent in their lives. I feel stuck in a dead end job, been here for 15 years I feel I dont have the courage or finances to return back to school. Thank you all for your prayers. GOD bless you all.

Pray god will bless me with a well paying job with benefits. A job that I will love. Pray that god will grant me a home.

I would like to thank God to bless us with the Visa for my daughter Faith- to come and join us here in USA. I Thank all the sisters and brothers who stepped in the faith and prayed for us. I know and confident that God will provide all the financial and physically means to bring her here, in Jesus Christ Amen

I am asking for prayer as I get ready to do a presentation. I pray that I do well, and God will release all anxiety and fear. I am not use to speaking, but this is for a class and it's based on my career.

first of all let me say thank you for praying for me my current conditions is I have no job my rent is due my insurance is about to expire at 12:00 midnight and possibly my light my be getting shut off I am in a financial crisis . please pray that god will see through this and my need will be met .
thank you

My husband is having a procedure for a growth on his forehead.
Please pray that it will be nothing.

I pray in Jesus name for Loren and myself to be completely delivered from all drug addiction and I pray that may the desire to do drugs goes away and may the Lord give us strength and peace and guidance.