Pray for Others

I pray to God. God help us overcome all bad things on this earth teach us to be kind to all living creatures and he himself be forever in us to guide us to be as he is .

I pray for travel mercies today, healing, and protection for the 9 of us, in addition to my prayer list. Amen

Lord,I am a sinner I'm not happy my husband is mean abusive and sorry,I don't wanna die I just wanna be free and happy please pray he leave me alone and we remain friends at peace,I'm not happy I just want him to leave me alone please...

Hello. I am requesting prayer for myself. For the past two weeks my family has been sick with the stomach virus and colds. It seems everyone is better which I am thankful for but now I am sick. I have a cold and my smell and taste is gone. I hope this is not a selfish prayer but I pray my senses come back really soon. Every time I get sick they leave and takes a long time to come back... my birthday is tomorrow and I want to be able to feel better and taste my birthday cake. Please pray for me a speedy recovery. Thanks and God bless.

My son Ralph is in jail... praying for a miracle in his life that will bring healing and restoration to our whole family in JESUS name. AME N

I have been married 2 husband and I moved extremely fast I didn't show him love like I should have.I found out he was lying to me and doing things behind my back.we have a 2 yr old and 5 month old. He filed for a divorce and is already seeing and living with another woman. He never Talked about divorce until I found out about what he was doing.I want to work my marriage out through god and have a forgiven heart I pray that we can reconcile and fix our marriage I pray for strength I've been taking this very hard have l lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks and b is very depressed I need all the prayers

Please forgive me for all my wrong doings please help me be a better person please show my husband I'm not a bad person that I have grown and become a better person please don't allow anger control his heart and treat me badly because of it. You said ask and you shall receive i am asking with all my heart please don't let him start treating me badly because of a white lie

for Warren who is fighting Cancer. he and his family needs lots of pray for healing.

pray that Jim, speaks to his adult children. And goes vists his son and his house.

that God will show me the way and lead me to the right people to grow my business.