Pray for Others

I have a job that I hate. It's only temporary but it's Customer Service and very difficult at times. We need the money. Please pray that the dear Lord will make the burden light. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you.

Scott - son - please pray hard for him to remain alcohol free and turn far away from anything not pleasing unto the Lord Jesus, but rather to fill his needs with Christ Jesus.

R.J. - I need an affirmation on my son's salvation a.s.a.p. please!!! Son't name is Preston.

Pray for continued healing for Linda who is on a clinical trial drug for lymphoma/leukemia... pray that test results will be good and for divine healing according to His perfect will.

My son Herman will get a full time permanent job social work job with the VA.

pray that my grandson will get the
recognition he deserves at his Hockey tournament. he is a freshman in H.S. and seems to get overlooked. he puts his all in and never gets attention for it, he's a very good christian boy. Please pray they won't leave him out. Mary

Prayers that in the name of Jesus my liver would be healed and its functions would be normal

I am 61 yrs old..divorced with no children. Depression,anxiety and worry has always been a part of my life. I m in a rut and just cant seem to get out of of it. I am a Christian woman who is very lonely and would like to meet my mate. Finding
my partner to spend the rest of my life with is important to me. I live in a small city in Somerset,Ky.There is no where to meet anyone. I've tried dating sites however haven't met anyone. I just don't know what my purpose is on earth. I pray to the Lord to send me a partner to live the rest of my life with. I need prayer very much. Depression has taken over my entire life. I don't work as I m on Social Security Disability.

Please pray that Rick finds the job that brings him happiness.

I went for an interview today...I am praying that I would get the job...please pray for me.