Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter who is having an observation in a classroom today and she must pass to continue her studies. Thanks,

Our 22yr. old son, Montana is at a cross roads in his life. He believes in God, gave his heart to the Lord at a very young age followed by water baptism, but he walked away. At 19yrs. old he said he was gay. We were blindsided. He has believed satans lie about who he is. Above all, who he is in Christ. He's a wonderful young man who loves his family. We love him endlessly. - Our prayer is that God intervene today and open his eyes and heart to the truth about himself and Jesus Christ. To set him apart and be the "exception" to what the world says - to be free from all homosexual desires. To seek God with an unstoppable fire from the Holy Spirit. To put God's desires above his own. To know love between a man and woman the way He intended it to be. We continue to pray for his future wife and their children. For a Godly, beautiful woman inside and out. For the love of his life, his helper, soul mate, a Godly Christian woman not ashamed of Jesus. Who will help Montana overcome. Thanks so much - God bless...

Please pray that God removes the taste of cigarettes from my mouth. Amen

Please pray for a cousin and his family who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

First, I am praying for provision to fix my car or get a new one; second, a job serving God in the way he deems best for me and my family. Thank you Father for those praying for me and for my son David who is in prison (he gets out in 2 l/4 years). Amen.

Please pray in agreement with me for Yahweh to soften the hearts of my husband and daughter and open their eyes to see and know He is God and Jesus is Lord and Saviour. My family is in constant turmoil and most of it is due to my faith. I just want my husband Jordan and my daughter Kimberly to be free of satans grip and to be saved. I want them to feel God's love and be at peace through Christ. I want them to be in heaven when they die, and I want to worship as a family instead alone. Please pray with me for Jordan and Kimberly, in Jesus' name. Amen

Pray I will find ajob and get the money to pay all my property taxes not lose my property they have to be paid by end of month or they are going to auction it off .I owe 3 years. I don't have paying job right now

My daughter is looking for a house that she can afford. Pray that God shows & leads her to the right one. My oldest daughter's mother-in-law's step mother passed away. This is the only mom she ever knew. Pray for the family

Please pray for my friend's father who is having his prostate removed today due to cancer. My friend's mother passed away from pancreatic cancer last year. I would hate to have my friend lose his father too. He is a good man and helps many people, but he has been through so much at this point. Hearing his dad had cancer broke my heart. Please pray for them. Thank you!

Please persevere in prayer with me until our son-in-law, Sean secures a job with God's help.
God bless you.