Pray for Others

Terrance is dying and in terrible pain, and Judy is in pain with his near departure. This is very heartbreaking , please pray for them .thank you for your prayers and loving kindness.

Please pray for me and my family that we get through this tough time in trying to get my son better and help him with his drug addiction we pray that he gets off drugs and that we are patient as we are dealing with all of this.

I have been sick from the time I was 4 months pregnant. I have lost the baby a week later (2nd baby) and have still not recovered. It has been over 2 months now and I am still suffering. I have been to doctors, specialists etc. but all tests have come back clear. I need prayer so desperately as I just want to be back to "normal". Pastors at churches and many other people have prayed for me, I still continue praying as well. Please pray with your group of people for my 100 % healing, thank you.

for direction, protection, working 19 hr days, fiance dying cancer, his business support. Lord pour on your mercy and grace/

I pray for the health & other needs of my daughter lori , my grand kid s and myself. Thank you.

Pray for unity within my family , children , grandchildren ,friends and also I , Kim repent of spending the tithe and offering's to God's kingdom and the pledge I committed to the church. God to help Us all ,Kim ,Shawna ,Leland Jr. , Craig ,So , Urijah , Lola , Tyson ,Smoky Jo with total Favor and Grace and Mercy upon us ,His guidance , lovingkindness and joy-unspeakable also. Wisdom and Discernment greatly needed , strength , courage ,boldness and ideas and creative ideas for ulumni reunion , HHCDP Dicipiles and Stepping into freedom classes also the Safety Committee Meeting and the Banquets of the GFRM , All Bills paid ,help with cleaning my apt. , finances to shampoo rug ,before manager comes in to inspect ,a passing inspection on the rug and apt. at West Apt's , Leland to receive total favor on his briefing's and arguments to be released out of prison soon.

Praise and thanks to Our Lord, who has been gracious, loving, generous and ever faithful. Please pray with me to our Father for supreme strong guidance and financial resource, to the college where Erika will be most happy and successful. Amen

My son Ralph - is in jail...goes to court...I pray that the Lord intervenes. ..its on Fri thank you for your prayers

My husband Marvin is a new Pastor. He has not yet been paid a salary for his labor for we are a small church. I run a small cleaning business and God supplies for the bills. Marvin needs a hip replace as soon as possible. He is in such pain he can hardly walk. He does not have insurance. W e applied for one and he was denied. I will apply for others, but we need direction and a favor. He has an appointment by faith with a specialist on march 10. Please pray God will make a way. Its hard to watch him suffer,last check up the doctor told us his hip is bone on bone.Thank you and may GOD bless you all

Lord, thank you for the progress of today. Help us finish our tasks tomorrow of clearing the storage unit. Help us to start a new journey in life as we put the past aside. Thank you Lord, Amen.