Pray for Others

Pray god would help me to build great relationships in my community and that he would help me to have a loving trusting relationship with a great woman and to build a family. Asking for his peace and wisdom in building a great relationship with a great woman and kids and to build a home and family together. Asking for confidence with dating and confidence with others.

lord please let me keep my temper under control at work and stay focused and not get frustrated, let me do a good job.Please bless my sons Quinton and Dan Jr and freinds ericka, lorrine with jobs

Praying god would keep raising my kidney function so i can get off dialysis and have a family and a richer more rewarding life. Thanking him for the healing so far.

PLease pray for my little feline Missy - she is getting older.....and is the sweetest thing and most adorable little baby. Thank you

My son was just released from prison for drug addiction and he is very depressed and fearful and lonely in trying to find a job and work his 3-month program! I have prayed and prayed and he seems to be falling deeper into a dark state. Please pray for his renewed recovery and a good job to coincide with his addiction program on Wed and Fridays and the courage to have higher self esteem! Thank you, from a mother that loves her son very much!

Please pray or us. We are in dire need of a home of our own. A place where we will grow in Christ and happily live out the rest of our lives. I also need a job that will help us to achieve that goal. May our Father bless and strengthen us all through Christ our Lord, Amen

Father I love you, Thank you for all that you are doing in my life!!

Please pray that God will direct me in the care of mother (Ruby) as she recovers from surgery due to breast cancer. Need peace in our home as we begin the process of blending our homes (need to sell houses and move her closer so that I might be able to offer her the best care possible) Pray for her continued healing. She has lived alone with her dogs for many years and she will be entering a place that is alive with my teens and grand-children. This will be a very different atmosphere for her.

Please pray for me! I need a healing for my body. Me and my husband would love to able to have a child. But unless God works a miracle in my body I will never be able to have kids. So please pray that God will heal my body and help me to be able to have a baby. It would mean so much to me and my husband.

Please pray for my husband that God will deliver him from his alcohol addiction.