Pray for Others

Dear lord I pray that you will bring the perfect guy in my day and 4eee3

Dear lord I pray that you will break the perfect guy into my daughter Christina life today and everyday thank you

Lord let Mrs. Roseanne find it in her heart to release us from the lease! In your son precious name JESUS Amen!

We, have been hit by Identity theft (again) recently this has been non going since
2008 now, it has got out of hand so, I notified Everyone involved SS, FTC, POLICE DEPT,
Finally, they got Investigations going on and may they catch this person finally!!
We, finally got our home up for sale there has been over 353 views but now, we need
to see our home in person!! We, have to get our names changed along with SS#
My health is, not good I may have a Ulcer after all of this strain of being Validated
Please send us a hedge of protection, and blessings for health healing, and selling our home soon!!
God Bless You All!!

I covet prayers for Leona/she is a diabetic &received news she fell & broke her leg & is in the hospital & waiting to have surgery in the morning! dear Jesus help her in all circumstances that could arise in surgery/after.

I hope you can help me with my prayer. I hope God can help me restore my marriage. My Husband left me and our 1yr old daughter. I know deep in my heart he still loves us. He has a lot of anger in his heart. May God heal him. Please help me pray to the Lord to help my husband, Miguel, find his way back home to us. That God can guide him. To touch his heart and mind, to soften his heart.
May God put in his heart the burnin desire to rebuild our marriage and our family.
Please help me with my prayers. I want nothin more but for my family to be whole again.

Heavenly father you know my heart and you know my needs. Father i am getting tired of the wait, i want you to bring my future husband to me, wherever he is Father i pray that you bring him to me.I pray that he is a Godly man, a man that is after your own heart.and Father i pray that right now as i pray he is also somewhere waiting,thinking and praying for me. Lord i pray that he comes now and i will be engaged by my next birthday.
Father if there is anything that keeping us apart Lord i ask that you may please remove it now,Father break all soul ties and all emotional attachment we might have had with other people. I also pray that you grow our faiths and teach us everything that you would want us to learn and that may be causing the delay, do it fast in your power Lord.
Lord i pray that you keep me from men who would use me and hurt me,the copies of my husband, Father give me peace as i wait, and teach me to love you more than any i can love any man.

my son christopher has an addiction problem his father died and they were estranged. it has affected my sons life! he cannot function

Please pray for me and my husband, he had a bad a troublesome dream and I am putting my faith in God that he God will protect us.

Plead Jesus blood protection, mercy
Ask Pardon 7 total healing transformation from all forms of depression & poverty, JESUS NAME, YES & AMEN