Pray for Others

Dear lord,
I am a sinner I don't deny it and as hard as I try I slip at times. When I met my husband I lied a great deal to him about everything about me not being married about my life myself everything I lied so much I didn't even know what the truth was anymore. We are now married and I at times will say something that is not true and when I say it again later it is obvious that I lied. I told my husband I spoke to my dad in Monday and then I told him again last night about the conversation and my story was different the details where different and some of the things I said were said differently the second time a told him the story. Please soften his heart. I hurt him a great deal during the beginning of our relationship and it haunts me to this day. He is now treating me differently and I'm afraid of the extent he will go to show how much his distaste for my lying. Please forgive me lord please help me not lie please help my husband see past this small lie that meant nothing please light my way during this dark hour please help our marriage stay strong I love him and I don't want to lose him I am sorry please help me

My husband has a very serious fungus which had invaded his entire body before it was discovered. Now in addition to that he was told he has lung cancer. He is taking radiation and chemo at the same time. He had a CT scan today to see how much improvement there is from the treatments. I am believing GOD for a miracle we desire the prayers of God's people. Please pray we have been married for 35 yrs. and at age 56 we still want to enjoy more time together.

I am waqas from thailand. but i am not thai i belong to Pakistan. i am so happy to see your site. please pray for me and for my family. we are asylum seekers here. and back in pakistan we were persecuted because of our faith in Jesus . Extremists wanted to kill us and they beat us badly. We are so thankful to our God. who keep us safe and bring us please pray for problems and worries which we are facing here. we have scare of police and also we have not proper food and we have room rent. we cannot do job here. because we are illegal here. we have not safety here. very hard for us to live here. we have only trust in God.we have apply asylum in UNHCR> please pray for our protection for our need and for our papers. May we can move soon as soon in next country. then we will have normal lives. we trust prayers have power so please pray for us we trust through your prayers God will open His doors for us. Amen God bless you all

Please pray for God's grace and mercy in my financial situation. That God opens door so that I can pay my morgage with Pnc. So that they don't file a motion of relief against me, in Jesus name amen.

For my Liver & Thyroid to be Healed

Pls pray for a financial breakrhrough in my laundry business and a new Job/ business opportunities for me so i can be financially independent. Pls also pray for a godly mature responsible husband for me, i am 42 years old already and i really want to have my own life and family Amen thank you

I have congestive heart failure,Liddle's syndrome (my body rejects potassium) and severe arthritis. I need a total healing please pray

I beg of you to pray for my healing. Please pray God take away any infection and help me heal 100% In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you for you prayers!!

Please pray for my health and heal my body thank you amen

God , please help me find a jon