Pray for Others

So it can really work out!

Father help me with a difficult meeting tomorrow. Two friends feel offended, hurt, confused by what I wrote to them. Now we need to talk to sort it out. They feel used by me and I feel they don't respect my decisions when we work as a team. Father bring truth & love, peace into this situation. Show me how much I can trust them or not. Set ne free from deep roots of separation anxiety.

Please protect us from all kinds of strokes especially heat stroke because the temperature is hot protect all farmers my parents especially my mother who is highblood God have mercy make the temperature cold in u nothing is impossible. This all i pray and ask in jesus name. Amen

Provide a best And successful Job to my friend ate - and france- all jobless people.fill there heart and spirit with hope. This all i pray and ask in jesus name. amrn

Please pray that God’s will be done in the lives of Cody, Lyndsey, Gloria G, Michelle, Shirley, Angela, Carol, Todd’s Mom and Steve and that they are healed of all the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional diseases/conditions, as applicable. Thank you.

For the Lords protection, favour and mercy upon me and my son. Please pray for Him to sustain us and for our faith not to fail. For Him to meet our needs spiritual, financial and social. For strength, courage,wisdom and His guidance. Thank you Lord for being the father of the fatherless and defender of widows.

Please pray that God’s will be done in the lives of all my households, that He rid us of any fear, anxiety, anger, stress and depression and that He fill us with His peace, love, joy and happiness; that He gets us all in a church where we belong, that God provides our every need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus more exceedingly and more abundantly than we can even think or ask and that He fills our lives with gratitude, thanksgiving, humility, peace, good health, wealth, joy and prosperity, and let us be a servant to You and others. Thank you.

Please pray for our daughter. She is having some health issues. She needs to get back to good health so that she can work and help take care of her daughter----and her financial responsibilities. Prayer warriors every where please pray for her----we knot that there is power in the prayers of many. Thank you for your support!

May you have a blessed day! Thank you for your prayers!! :) I pray for smooth positive fun communications with bosses and all at work. I pray for smooth transitions through changing waters at work. May all who speak with me know God better through our time together.

please pray for my son Travis who was arrested because he was try to help a friend. Please Pray that the charges are dropped and so he can get of this mess. Please pray that he get his job back because this was not his fault. Please pray for my daughter help her to cope with the mess her brother is going though and focus on school. Pray for my family we are having a difficult and stressful time, help us remain strong positive.