Pray for Others

Thank you that ALL patients in nursing homes those under hospice care will be treated fairly and with compassion by caregivers. Bless both patients and caregivers and give them peace.

Please pray that the Lord will totally heal my brother, Robert, of all cancer. He is about 70 & has lead many people to the Lord Please ask God to be merciful to him & to give him more years to continue brining others to the Lord. Thank you.

Healing and inner peace for our mother in ICU. Cancer caused blood clots in both of her legs. Doctors are trying to figure out what the best course is. Please pray for our familys strength to get through this difficult time.

Thank you that Kathy's will not worry about her daughter at school and that she will be able to find the cause of her daughter's reluctance to go to school.

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to eat healthier and lose weight today and everyday thank you

Miracle prayer for Chris -- recovery from his alcohol and drug addictions. Pray God will shield Chris's spirit, mind and body and give Chris freedom and God will break the chains that bind Chris to these addictions forever. Chris will have forgiveness and receive back what locusts having taken from him. Amen

Please. Pray. For. My. Finances To. Restore. The. Money. I. Lost.

Joseph for good MRI test results.
Craig with an inoperable brain tumor.
Jeannie with a tumor behind her kidney.
Praise for Wanda that she has recovered.

Thank you that you will be in the passenger's seat with Tina as she drives from P. to C. this week.

I ask that you would lift my Memaw Lois up in prayer. She is 97 & is ready to go home. Pray for comfort & peace & that family members can let her go. Pray for my daughter Whitney as she is having a hard time.