Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband that God will deliver him from his alcohol addiction.

I'm concerned about my dad enabling my drug-addicted brother and my mom having to encounter him in the future. God bless us and keep us safe always. Amen.

Please pray for me, I have been single for a long time and I'm ready to find true love and everlasting loving relationship. Please also pray for my financial growth. Thank you!

Please pray for me (Mary Anne ).

Please pray for Noah -

I'm dealing with a lot of legal issues right now and it's a slight possibility that I can be taken away from my child to serve time in jail. I know right from wrong and want to do better but I always find myself getting off track and going down the wrong path. I really need prayer and help I'm tired of living like this I know God has other plans for my life but I always let worldly things get in the way please pray for me

Please pray for me (Erica M.

Please pray for my son, Marco. Exactly one year ago today - he had to take his dad to the hospital in a very delicate state and we lost him to the Lord two days later. He can't shake the condition of his dad at that time and has flashbacks of that day, I was having surgery on that same day - so that May 28th was a horrific day for him. Please pray for the Lord's peace and protection to get him/us through this.

Please pray for reconciliation for J & his wife & her family. Father we give You praise. Please help the situation for J & his wife to be healed. Please place on their hearts their need to have You the center of their marriage. We thank You for what You're doing in J's life. Protection for J as he is a law officer. In Jesus name. Thank you all for your prayers. Bless you.

Please give us traveling grace daily, but especially while we go on this little vacation next week to take my children to the beach for their first time. I pray for a safe trip and protection while we are there, as well as a safe trip home.