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Soon I will 47 years old I woke up crying today. Yesterday, I was rejected by a man. After all these years of being single I was actually attracted to someone. Please pray for me to be healed within my dreams and soul. I had married a man in 1994 who became a rapist/alcoholic man that I had to support. Separated in 2005. he has recently died this past March. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with his death threats. my father died & I have never met him. my stepfather looked at me & treated me like dirt. Sadly, I have continued to seek out either arrogant or abusive men that appear to resemble his behavior. I have tried the online dating approach. I have met ppl on Facebook. But, all of this has led to heart ache & sometimes these men are deceptive. I do not drink or party & I am raising 3 kids. The oldest will graduate this month. I want healing from wanting to experience a kind and mutual love. I do not want to want any more. Because as kind & sincere that I am .. I end up hurt. thank you.

Please pray for Agnieszka and her children.

I am struggling with my finances. And I am short on my rent. Please pray in agreement with me that Jehovah Gireh has provided my rent money.