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Your prayer concerns are important to us and that's why each and every prayer request we receive is prayed for by a trained volunteer by name and by need. Rest assured, our prayer support is confidential, free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read the OurPrayer Promise

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Pray for Others

Please pray for a granddaughter (age 14) who is suffering with suicidal depression and is now in a hospital for treatment. And prayers for her parents and sisters and caregivers.

Please help me to find my American Express card. It disappeared into oblivion/another dimension/alternate universe on 3/26/15.

Please pray for husband who's family made a questionable purchase of family land he has farmed for 20 years for him and his now deceased Mother. Everything was done without his knowledge, now his nephew (who land could not be sold to according to deed) and his sister who sold are giving him a horrid time on the land division and sister's cows he had fed and cared for 14 years. Now they have shut off electric and it is through the house (unoccupied) as his Mother had for years. It is in his name and nephew threw breaker and he needs it for electric fence. Pray this and other untrue issues are resolved promptly and land division is swift and fair. Thank you.