Bible Resources

Bible resources can help you draw
upon the power of the Holy Bible
to strengthen your relationship
with God. Gain encouragement 
and comfort from the da
Bible verses, psalms of praise
and insightful articles that

offer tips on how to better
understand and 
apply God’s 
Word to your everyday life
and how to deepen your
faith in and love of God.



Recent Bible Resources

Happy woman sitting outside in the snow.

Simple steps to help you let go of feelings of doom and worry and rely on God's plan.

by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Woman reading the Bible

Try this technique to draw power and strength from the Bible.

by Sam Justice

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The God who loved you enough to die for you is not going to abandon you. Ever!

by Norman Vincent Peale

An open Bible with a woman's hand resting upon it

Take heart from these Bible verses that helped one woman overcome addiction and depression.

by Denise Allen
, Norman, Oklahoma

A sad woman looking out the window.

Reassurance and comfort from the Bible to help you navigate life's challenges.

by Ruth Stafford Peale

happy women friends having coffee

Key Bible verses to help you build sucessful relationships.

by Norman Vincent Peale

A clock about to strike midnight on New Year's Eve

Norman Vincent Peale's tips and prayer to guide you to a positive and fulfilling new year.

by Norman Vincent Peale

woman resting her head on a bench in warm sunlight

Helpful tips to put faith first and respond to those who have hurt you with love.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

woman reading the Bible.

Gearing up for the holidays can be exhausting. Don't reach for an energy drink. Open the Bible.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Elizabeth Peale Allen

Deepen your faith with these tips drawn from God's word.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

The Nativity painting by Lorenzo Lotto

Celebrate the birth of Jesus using these tips drawn from Scripture.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

woman deep in prayer

Tap into the strongest force in the universe.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Discover the surprising rewards of responding appropriately to other's judgements.

by Norman Vincent Peale

A woman praying

Stay spiritually and physically energized with these techniques drawn from the Bible.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

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