A Sweet Reminder to Pray

A bowl of peanut M&Ms inspired her family to spend time with Jesus.

By Cynthia Ruchti, Wausau, Wisconsin


Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV)

My brother-in-law needed a place to stay. Our simple life in the country offered the kind of reflection time he craved while he waited for the sentence that would change his life dramatically for the next seven years. So my husband and I took him in for two months and adapted to his habits as he did to ours.

We quickly became accustomed to his peanut M&M addiction. When he left our house to begin serving his court-ordered sentence, we held on to the ever-present bowl of peanut M&M’s and turned it from addiction to a prayer ministry. Guests and family who knew the story were told, “You’re welcome to the M&M’s, but if you take one, use it as a reminder to pray.”

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The grandkids were especially interested in a prayer ministry connected with a big bowl of M&M’s. “Who are you praying for now, Josh?” I asked as he swiped another from the bowl. “The whole world.” “Oh. Okay.” Can’t fault a child for knowing the whole world needs prayer.

Five-year-old Andy grabbed a chocolate-covered peanut, bowed his head and leaned it against the buffet on which the bowl rested, ate the peanut, then promptly grabbed another and bowed his head again. What had we started? When I’d caught Josh with his hand in the bowl too many times one afternoon, I asked, “Now, be honest with Grammie. Who were you praying for just now?” “I was just telling Jesus how much I love Him.” “Um…carry on.”

Faith step: How many quick but deeply meaningful “Jesus, I love You so much!” prayers pepper your day and mine? I have to believe He’s at least as pleased to hear it as I am to know my grandsons–whatever the motivation–are faithful to say it.

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God had saved me so many times , through radical cancer , jaw bone replacement took left leg bone to replace the bad one that had got a bone disease from so much radiation. The surgery lasted longer with some difficulty my lower lip was cut damaging the nerve of lip , tongue and side of chin, the worse is that awoke during this, they did not think I would live. God led me through , although I had post traumatic stress for a few years . God was there to get me through it. Two years ago I was in a bad car wreck and flat lined 4 times, our local hospital is a very good one but they did what they could and told my husband they were not sure if I would make it through the night , so they flew me to another hospital that had a Trauma ICU I was in there with a coma for two weeks , when I had arrived and they began treating me, I had to receive lots of blood where I had lost so much , the miracle here is I awoke, my left cheek was broken, my nose ,a little finger, ribs a huge hole in my forehead and all over my head , a bar had gone into my mouth and tore the right side of my tongue and tore my cheek inside,, with all the radiation damage and they were worried about my right jaw bone, which was unharmed, doctors told my husband that I might not be able to walk , and would most likely have to have home health . They were not sure if I could function , I had so many brain scans , The surgery team there repaired all that was broken and patched all that could be, my husband said I looked like a zombie with all the wrapping from my head , arms and to waist. I did walk while I was in that hospital , the physical therapist worked with me for several days , I was a bit wobbly for awhile, I did not speak well but could get the words out. But God was there , he healed me , I did not have to have home health care, for the fist week I did to make sure I could function on my own. I did. I am encouraging all whom ask me, and I let them know that Jesus is in my heart and if you believe he will be with you always and is as my heavenly father, the question that I have not answered was what Jesus can help you with, It would be my speech and to guide me in ways to help my family get the light of Christ into their lives to give me more courage to face each day , to give me the words to words to write a book.

Sometimes when I have difficult concerns and my heart beats hard , it must be Jesus knocking on the door of my heart, He could be saying, " I am in here, talk to me." My husband with dementia, a brilliant man, I want to take care of his needs, I need guidance. And I pray for patience. thank you dear, Jesus,come to me, by my side so I feel your presence.