The Courage to "Just Believe"

When your circumstances seem hopeless, trust Jesus is at work in your life.

By Dianne Neal Matthews, Salt Lake City, Utah

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While Jesus was still speaking, some men came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue ruler. “Your daughter is dead,” they said. “Why bother the teacher any more?” Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Mark 5:35–36 (NIV)

Jairus must have been on an emotional roller coaster. Relief flooded his heart when Jesus agreed to go to his house and heal his dying daughter. But then Jesus stopped to have a conversation with a woman in the crowd. Jairus was forced to wait, knowing that each minute’s delay put his little girl in greater danger. Then, just as Jesus finished his business with the woman, messengers brought the news Jairus dreaded to hear. His daughter had died.

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I can only imagine how the devoted father’s heart clenched in his chest when he saw the men approaching. Did he have time to think, Too late! It was all for nothing? Jesus turned to Jairus as though He hadn’t heard what the men said. “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.” Soon, Jairus saw his longing fulfilled. He got his daughter back.

It’s exciting to read the gospel accounts of Jesus restoring life to people who had died. But today He still works as the Life-giver in the lives of believers. He raises dead hopes, resurrects old dreams, and brings life to relationships that seem to have died. He wants to breathe new life into us in all sorts of ways. But He wants us to understand that miracles are tied to faith.

Our circumstances may seem hopeless. Other people may tell us that it’s no use. That person will never come to faith. That relationship will never work. You’ll never pull it off. “Why bother the Teacher anymore?”

Jesus says otherwise. He asks us to ignore what seems obvious and to trust Him to work in our life. Against all odds, He asks us to just believe.

Faith step: Do you have a situation in your life that makes you feel all hope is lost? Ask Jesus to give you the courage to “just believe.”

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I,M troubled in my heart in my soil spritual i lost 5 of my children i,m married and I dnt hv a child I got only stillborni feel useless its turf in my life I had a stillborn on the 20 of december 2013 nd my husband lost a job now I,m back to work I,m not heal emotional physical but because I had to work to support my family its turf sometimea I feel I can just run run run the sitiuation its killing me inside I dnt cope @ all I try to be strong but I loose it

I am praying for you. Also is adoption or fostering an option for you and hubby? Again my love and heartfelt prayer a and am sure others are praying for you too. God will bless and care for this woman and heal her hurt, in Jesus blessed name. Amen

I loved this !!! I have always taken that approach to "just believe". When my oldest daughter was very little, [before she could say all of her letters correctly] this was the verse going with the story of Jiarus's daughter in her tiny bible story book. She liked that story so much, she memorized it! And when it came to that verse, she would always say "don't be afwaid, just bewieve!" She is now 27 and does always 'just bewieve" that God is working with her on every level. I hadn't thought about that for years, and I too always still "just bewieve"! Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful memory, and a great devotion! Aleina D