Christian Devotionals

In the hustle and bustle of daily life,
it’s nice to find quiet time to reflect
on God and your relationship with Him.
These Christian devotions help
 you do just that.

Whether you read them in morning
before work,
 at night before bed
or even on your lunch hour,

daily devotions are a wonderful way
to keep God
 and your Christian
faith at the center of your life.



Recent Christian Devotionals Stories

For my birthday this year, I’m celebrating the gifts God has given me.

by Julia Attaway

I like the concept of trusting God for my daily needs, but what I really want is the tools to run my own life.

by Julia Attaway

Mornings with Jesus Contributor, Dianne Neal Matthews

No matter what problems and needs I’m struggling with, what I really need is more Jesus.

by Dianne Neal Matthews
, Salt Lake City, Utah

Lord, I don't know what to do, I prayed. I don’t know how to handle my problems. I don’t know what you want of me.

by Julia Attaway

ceramic angel figurine

This Daily Guideposts classic features angelic inspiration to hone your spiritual insight.

by Evelyn Bence
, Arlington, Virginia

Lord, I’m sorry, I prayed, I know it’s wrong, but I’m not going to snap out of this without help...

by Julia Attaway

A little boy praying

A little boy in Sunday school gives an unexpected lesson about prayer.

by Shari Smyth
, Nashville, Tennessee

Mornings with Jesus Contributor, Dianne Neal Matthews

Grow closer to God and gain a clearer understanding of circumstances in your life.

by Dianne Neal Matthews
, Salt Lake City, Utah

I can either despair over how little my love resembles God’s love, or rejoice that I “know in part” what love is. 

by Julia Attaway

Daily Guideposts Contributor, Ashley Kappel

See God's love instead of life's little annoyances.

by Ashley Kappel
, Jacksonville, Florida

Here’s a good devotional reminder to start this new year.

by Julia Attaway

Evil is never the whole story. It's sometimes all we see, for a while. But it's never all there is.

by Julia Attaway

Devotional writer, Gina Bridgeman

Take time today to appreciate all that God has given you, including his only son.

by Gina Bridgeman
, Phoenix, Arizona

Ashamed, I sent up another prayer for those around me. We were all trapped, and all needed protection.

by Julia Attaway

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