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Christian Devotionals

In the hustle and bustle of daily life,
it’s nice to find quiet time to reflect
on God and your relationship with Him.
These Christian devotions help
 you do just that.

Whether you read them in morning
before work,
 at night before bed
or even on your lunch hour,

daily devotions are a wonderful way
to keep God
 and your Christian
faith at the center of your life.



Recent Christian Devotionals Stories

Daily Guideposts writer, Erika Bentsen

God’s a shoulder to lean on when I’m in a jam. And believe me, in ranching, I’m up to my eyeballs in jams.

by Erika Bentsen
, Sprague River, Oregon

We don’t want to know, don’t want to admit how high the cost of discipleship can be.

by Julia Attaway

September 11 tribute

I pray it becomes a day to remember courage and grace and love.

by Brian Doyle
, Portland, Oregon

I could see him renewing his efforts to concentrate on the prayers. It made me glad, so I sent up a little prayer of thanks.

by Julia Attaway

Rather than plead to get what I want, I've learned to pray for clarity and discernment.

by Julia Attaway

A close-up of a woman's smile

In this excerpt from the 2014 edition of Daily Guideposts, a woman realizes that everyone deserves a warm greeting from a stranger.

by Karen Barber
, Alpharetta, Georgia

I’ve been marveling at how quickly distraction can steal the show. I sit down to pray, and I’m suddenly thinking of what to cook for supper...

by Julia Attaway

Carol Kuykendall

Given a two-year life expectancy, I decided to do what mattered most in the days I had and to trust God to give me exactly what I needed every step of this new journey.

by Carol Kuykendall
, Boulder, Colorado

Shooting stars over trees in a beautiful night sky

“The heavens declare the glory of God...” So they do.

I sent up my prayer, realizing that soon my life will be pretty much where it would have been without the break...

by Julia Attaway

Mornings with Jesus Contributor, Dianne Neal Matthews

An aching back from an overpacked suitcase leads to a lesson on forgiveness.

by Dianne Neal Matthews
, Salt Lake City, Utah

A man bowing his head in prayer

I’ve prayed for strength like Debbie’s, to appreciate God even when life is painful.

by Sam Adriance
, Providence, Rhode Island

Mornings with Jesus Contributor, Dianne Neal Matthews

When you have a need, meditate on the name of Jesus that pertains to your situation.

by Dianne Neal Matthews
, Salt Lake City, Utah

Distraction is easier than prayer...

by Julia Attaway

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