A Devotion to Refresh Your Spirit

A preview from Daily Guideposts 2015 demonstrates how God shows His love in tender ways.

By Marion Bond West, Watkinsville, Georgia

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Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin. Matthew 6:28

I hadn’t had a very good workout at the YMCA that morning.  Everyone looked younger than I am–and more athletic. I dreaded going home. I’d just drop into a chair, exhausted.

My body was weary, but so was my soul. God seemed so far away. The sun was Georgia hot, even at eleven in the morning, as I exited the building. Discouragement tagged along with me.

A woman passed me, walking briskly to the parking area. She stopped a few steps in front of me and took out a bottle of water. I slowed down. It didn’t appear she was going to drink it.

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I pretended to rummage through my gym bag in order to observe her. She leaned way over, after removing the cap to the water bottle, and singled out one red zinnia in the garden that grew beside the iron fence.  Carefully, even lovingly, she allowed the flower to drink.

An amazing thing happened. It felt as though someone had poured joy directly into my soul. One flower in all the hundreds had been tended to with such deliberate care. The woman straightened up and walked to her car.

I lingered by the red zinnia. Somehow, I felt refreshed, as though God had reached down to Earth and touched me. “I see you, Marion. I love you.”

Father, You find such tender ways to show me Yourself when I need You most.

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yes-HE is the partner in all our lonliness,failures and successes.Through your narration, the LORD has touched me, as HE did it to you.Thanks.

Marion - I have appreciated your frankness and loving spirit. I too have a challenging time with my adult son, Kyle. I remember all the Guideposts stories and posts about your son, Jeremy. They have given me hope and encouragement that things can and will get better.
Thanks for who you are,

Thanks Marion..I have followed your writings for many years and they are wonderful as well as up lifting.
Do you have a website that I can write to you? I have a son like your Jeremy, tough times right now.
Merilee in St.Pete

Marion, i also have a son like your jeremy. His name is also jeremy. Hard journey. Have followed you and been encouraged by you. Would appreciate email if you are able. God blessings to you.

I needed to read this!! I look forward to these devotions every morning. (Especially Mondays!)

I love reading my Daily Guideposts each morning. It gives encouragement to me.

Beautiful Amen

Exactly what I needed this morning! Thank you! Have a blessed day y'all!

Simple, yet so beautiful. Thank you. Have a great week everyone. :-)

When you lift your spirit in the morning it lingers in your heart all day. Thank you.