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A Friend in Need, a Friend Indeed

In this excerpt from the 2014 edition of Daily Guideposts, a woman who faces a daunting medical procedure sees her prayers answered.

By Marion Bond West, Watkinsville, Georgia

As appeared in

The Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease...—LAMENTATIONS 3:22 (NAS)

I awakened early the morning of my breast biopsy. My husband, two daughters and I would be driving into Atlanta for the surgery. Family, friends and I had prayed for a good result. But in the hours before my procedure, I knew I needed a friend with me–back where family couldn’t go.

Father, would you let someone who loves you be there with me? I need an instant friend.

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At the hospital, we went back to the large surgical area. A smiling nurse greeted us. “We’ll take very good care of her,” she told my family. They say that to everyone, I thought, hugging my husband and daughters goodbye.

Inside my small, curtained cubicle, the nurse said my name with what seemed like unusual excitement. She pulled up a chair very close to my bed. “I’ve been praying for you since I saw your name on the schedule,” she said. “I could hardly wait for you to get back here.”

I must have looked puzzled.

“We met fifteen years ago, Marion,” she explained. “You were speaking at a women’s meeting about your life, struggles, fears.” She leaned over and gave me a genuine hug. In a few minutes, we were sitting close together on my small bed, talking like old college chums—even laughing.

As she took my blood pressure and temperature, put an IV into my hand, and gave me slip-proof socks, my instant friend and I remained connected by our Father.

Lord, teach me to anticipate your mercy.

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