The God of Impossibilities

A devotion and faith step to help you gain a fresh perspective on a seemingly impossible situation.

By Cynthia Ruchti, Wausau, Wisconsin

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Jesus looked at them carefully and said, “It’s impossible for human beings. But all things are possible for God.” Matthew 19:26 (The Daily Life Bible)

The God of Impossible Situations. That was the topic cropping up everywhere I turned. In lots of books. In lots of life. Gideon. David. A starving woman. A dead daughter. A man whose eyes had never seen one sunrise, not one sunset, or the faces of his parents. A hillside auditorium of thousands and no concession stand.

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A woman with a 12-year history of pain and distress, ostracized, exhausted, bankrupt, with a medical file many inches thick. No answers. Worse problems than before. Weak. Helpless. Alone. The poster child for pathetic.

Until she met Jesus. And everything changed. The Bible tells us Jesus not only healed her when she reached out for the hem of His garment, but He called her “Daughter.” What a tender term of endearment for a woman whose problem–12 years of constant hemorrhaging–makes pastors blush when they preach from the passage! Impossible situation? To anyone except the God of Impossible Situations.

Faith step: What life circumstance have you labeled “Impossible”? Write it on a piece of paper. Then take a cloth or a larger piece of paper and write the words, “The God of Impossibilities.” Lay the opaque piece of fabric over the circumstance you thought had no answers. Now what do you see?

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I was just commenting to a friend yesterday that I accept that my marriage is over. Complaining that we've been separated four years and he's living with a girl that considers herself his wife (we're still legally married). My faith in that area is no more. Then I read this devotion and the tears I thought were done/gone, came back. My mouth says one thing, but my heart feels something totally different. God just says 'wait'...I can't see any progress, and waiting is hard. My friend and this devotion reminded me of others in impossible situations, especially the woman who had an issue to 12 years!!! Thank you God for your gentle, loving touch when I feel so lost and alone.

He doesn't deserve you.
God has something better waiting for you. Work on your self esteem and forget him. Pray to God for your strength. Maybe God doesn't want you to have someone like him. I don't know what God thinks, but pray for his answers that will better your life.

Et Gordon, go to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. It was founded by Bob and Charlyne Steinkamp and is based out of Pompano Beach, Florida.

In reading this article...I realize...a few words I wrote years ago.."when things look so dark and dismal..that I just can't see the Light ...I kneel at His altar... and He retores my Sight"...seeing Jesus and His light now..the darkness (as a rainy day) fades away to bright and comforting sunlight!!!The sunlight of the Holy Spirit...praise Him

Rhonda your words meant so much to me this morning when I read them. I sent them as a text to my daughter who is in a very dark place right now. I hope they give her some light thank you

I did that test of impossibilities and when I covered what I thought was impossible, I saw nothing. Now I realized that GOD is working it out for my good so that he can get the glory. I ask GOD to strengthen my faith and trust in him and forgive me for not having it like I should. I also ask him to remind me that no problem is bigger than my GOD. Amen

Amen!! I feel the same way as you! We need to stand on his promises if his words saids that he is a God that cannot lie!

What a wonderful lesson! God has blessed me and my family so abundantly - I forget to thank Him and praise Him. I do have an "impossible" problem, so I tried the exercise suggested. Thank you for reminding me that God is greater than any problem that I might have. I pray for strength and wisdom in my daily life, as well as a heavy dose of patience.