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When God Is Silent

Use this excerpt from Time Out for the Spirit to help you sit with God and feel His comfort.

By Lucile Allen


READ: Men listened to me and waited, and kept silence for my counsel. Job 29:21

REFLECT: Sometimes, I get frustrated with those seemingly endless seasons when God is so silent it’s easy to doubt that He’s ever spoken at all. During those times, I try to reflect on the many ways I’ve heard God’s voice in the past, times when He has:

  •  directed, corrected, and loved me through the voice of a family member, a friend, a teacher or a preacher;
  •  guided my steps through changes in circumstances;
  •  spoken His forgiveness through the timely reading of a perfect passage of Scripture;
  •  moved me to laughter and tears through the writing of gifted authors;
  •  and in prayer, stopped my whirling world to sit with me in silence and fill my heart with His perfect peace.

Actually, those silences...they’re the most precious times of all.

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PRAY: Thank You for trusting me with those silent seasons, Father. I’ll try to receive those silences as gifts and worship You in them.

DO: Sit in silence with God until you see Him reflected in the stillness of your heart and mind.