Trust Jesus in Times of Uncertainty

Try this spiritual exercise when life's challenges seem too big to handle alone.

By Susanna Foth Aughtmon, Redwood City, California

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For I am the Lord your God, who stirs up the sea, causing its waves to roar... And I have put my words in your mouth and hidden you safely within my hand. I set all the stars in space and established the earth. I am the one who says to Israel, “You are mine!” Isaiah 51:15–16

Following Jesus is a mixed bag for most of us. We triumph... we fall... we get back up and Jesus helps us dust off our knees... and we continue on the journey of following, listening, questioning, and worshipping, asking Him to shape our lives into something that glorifies Him.

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It seems that in this season in my life, Jesus is once again gently prying my fingers off of my own life. He is asking me to live in a place of uncertainty and anchor myself in who He is rather than try and rearrange my circumstances. He is asking me to wait on His direction instead of barging ahead on a frantic path of anxiety.

It’s hard. It seems that I am incredibly human after all. I don’t bend to His will or words so easily. But when I read His words in Isaiah I think, Why would I choose to step out of His hand when He has laid the foundations of the earth and breathed life into all of humanity? How can I not turn my face toward the One Who has set the sun in the heavens and named the stars?

So this morning, I’m taking a deep, noncontrolling breath and saying to Jesus, “You are right. I am Yours. Do Your thing. I will trust You.” Even when I don’t have a clue about what is coming around the next corner. Because according to the One Who established the earth... He’s got this too.

Faith step: Get up early and watch the sun rise. Notice the beauty in the creation that surrounds you. Remind yourself that Jesus, Who formed the earth with His words, is shaping your life too.

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I cannot think of a message I needed more. I live in a condo with a dramatic view of His great creation, yet, I constantly try to control and run my own life even though I pray and try to trust Him. So, I, too, want to pray "I am Yours. Do Your thing. I will trust You."

Thank you for reminding me that HE is my Sovereign Lord.

For a strong willed person, such as I, it is always difficult to “let go and let God.” It seems: “God here is what I think, make it happen.”

I am asking for a prayer. I need a job so my boyfriend and i can move to a rental home. He is working but i not working. His living with his friends and i am living with my friends also. We were living in his family home but his family told us to move so we packed our stuff and moved out. We went separate ways. I need a job so we could move into a rental home.

I don't see how you can ask the Lord to help you get into a situation where you would be sinning. It's your boyfriend, not your husband.

Hi Esther,
Here's a prayer for everyone that you will find your way. God works in mysterious ways and when you least expect it you will come out the other side better than you are now.
God Bless and Keep You

I SO needed these words!!! I have been out of work for over a year and it is very hard not to have panic/anxiety. With no income, I tend to fret over bills, etc. BUT as you said, I need to let go & not charge forth in anxiety-ridden plans, but let Jesus guide my path. He will provide our daily needs. Thank you, and amen.