Daily Devotions

Daily devotions can help you keep the Word of God a constant presence in
your life. The Christian devotions you’ll find here offer time for personal
reflection, an oasis of quiet in a busy life, and a way to feel inspired and
closer to God. These Bible devotions, beautiful reminders of God’s love, provide inspiration at the beginning of your day and peace at day’s end.






Today's Daily Reflection

Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway. –Emory Austin, motivational speaker
Think prosperity, abundance, the best of everything. God wants to give to you, His child, every good thing.
Lord God, help me carry the blessings of prayer into my family's future.

Recent Daily Devotions

Some days life feels too hard. It’s tempting to despair. But I find it helpful to remember what Job did...

by Julia Attaway

Edward Grinnan and Millie

In this excerpt from Daily Guideposts 2014, a dog longing to play with kids and a family looking for canine companionship are brought together.

by Edward Grinnan
, New York, New York

Guideposts writer, Elizabeth Sherrill

This excerpt from Time Out for the Spirit reminds us to turn to God and thrive through life's challenges.

by Elizabeth Sherrill
, Hingham, Massachusetts

close-up of praying hands resting on an open Bible.

You may see God's provision today, but be assured His help is on the way even if you don't.

by Jennifer Rosania
, Atlanta, Georgia

Sharon Hinck, Contributing Author Mornings with Jesus

When we’re serious about following Christ through the difficult climbs of faith, we want to pare down to what matters most.

by Sharon Hinck
, Bloomington, Minnesota

Marion Bond West

In this excerpt from the 2014 edition of Daily Guideposts, a woman who faces a daunting medical procedure sees her prayers answered.

by Marion Bond West
, Watkinsville, Georgia

I suddenly noticed how different my prayers were, simply because I had no choice but to be there...

by Julia Attaway

Daily Guideposts contributor, Ashley Wiersma

The message that helped her overlook her husband's flaws and find gratitude.

by Ashley Wiersma
, Monument, Colorado

Devotional writer, Camy Tang

When we make Him an undistracted part of our day, He becomes our emotional shield.

by Camy Tang
, San Jose, California.

In the midst of an attack of irritability, it's hard to be thankful. But when the swarm of stings has passed, gratitude comes easily.

by Julia Attaway

Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine.

The one prayer God never answers is “Please, let nothing change.”

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Devotional writer, Camy Tang

Trust Jesus when you are branching out in new endeavors.

by Camy Tang
, San Jose, California

Erin Keeley Marshall, Mornings with Jesus contributor

Use this Christian devotion to help you recognize His messages in your life.

by Erin Keeley Marshall
, Rogers, Arkansas

Devotional writer, Rebecca Barlow Jordan

A prayer for God's wisdom leads to a lesson on trusting Jesus.

by Rebecca Barlow Jordan
, Greenville, Texas

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