Daily Devotions

Daily devotions can help you keep the Word of God a constant presence in
your life. The Christian devotions you’ll find here offer time for personal
reflection, an oasis of quiet in a busy life, and a way to feel inspired and
closer to God. These Bible devotions, beautiful reminders of God’s love, provide inspiration at the beginning of your day and peace at day’s end.






Today's Daily Reflection

Prayer is the exercise of drawing on the grace of God. –Oswald Chambers, author and evangelist
Become more aware of the blessings that surround you.
Heavenly Father, please help me face each day with grace and appreciation for the blessings of Your love.

Recent Daily Devotions

Daily Guideposts writer, Patty Kirk

Daily Guideposts writer, Patty Kirk, shares her prayer for her loved ones to turn to God.

by Patty Kirk
, Westville, Oklahoma

Carol Kuykendall

Given a two-year life expectancy, I decided to do what mattered most in the days I had and to trust God to give me exactly what I needed every step of this new journey.

by Carol Kuykendall
, Boulder, Colorado

Mornings with Jesus author, Keri Wyatt Kent

I needed to learn to say no sometimes, even to good things, in order to say yes to Jesus.

by Keri Wyatt Kent
, Chicago, Illinois

Shooting stars over trees in a beautiful night sky

“The heavens declare the glory of God...” So they do.

I sent up my prayer, realizing that soon my life will be pretty much where it would have been without the break...

by Julia Attaway

Mornings with Jesus Contributor, Dianne Neal Matthews

An aching back from an overpacked suitcase leads to a lesson on forgiveness.

by Dianne Neal Matthews
, Salt Lake City, Utah

A man bowing his head in prayer

I’ve prayed for strength like Debbie’s, to appreciate God even when life is painful.

by Sam Adriance
, Providence, Rhode Island

Mornings with Jesus Contributor, Dianne Neal Matthews

When you have a need, meditate on the name of Jesus that pertains to your situation.

by Dianne Neal Matthews
, Salt Lake City, Utah

Erin Keeley Marshall, Mornings with Jesus contributor

I was having one of those days, until I shifted my focus to Jesus.

by Erin Keeley Marshall
, Rogers, Arkansas

Distraction is easier than prayer...

by Julia Attaway

Mornings with Jesus contributer, Camy Tang

Having trouble hearing God? Try this spiritual practice.

by Camy Tang
, San Jose, California

Sharon Hinck, Contributing Author Mornings with Jesus

In a moment of utter frustration, I told God I didn’t think I wanted to follow Him anymore.

by Sharon Hinck
, Bloomington, Minnesota

I’ve noticed that when I ask God to take away my worries, often nothing changes...

by Julia Attaway

Devotional writer, Patricia Lorenz

In this excerpt from Guideposts Daily Planner, Patricia Lorenz shares how the vivid colors of life lift her spirit and bring her closer to God.

by Patricia Lorenz
, Largo, Florida

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