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Daily Devotions

Daily devotions can help you keep the Word of God a constant presence in
your life. The Christian devotions you’ll find here offer time for personal
reflection, an oasis of quiet in a busy life, and a way to feel inspired and
closer to God. These Bible devotions, beautiful reminders of God’s love, provide inspiration at the beginning of your day and peace at day’s end.






Today's Daily Reflection

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. –Norman Vincent Peale, best-selling author and minister
Ask God to stay with you in difficult situations and affirm that He is helping you now.
Dear Lord, help me face life’s problems with the sure knowledge that You’ll always be there.

Recent Daily Devotions

Morning with Jesus contributor, Judy Baer

Mornings with Jesus contributor shares how she gets to the nitty-gritty of her relationship with God.

by Judy Baer
, Elk River, Minnesota

A gold cross

A journalist is inspired to publicly declare his Christian faith in observance of Lent.

by Harold Hostetler

Edward Grinnan, Guideposts editor-in-chief

Guideposts editor-in-chief recalls a remark that changed how he thinks about giving something up for Lent.

by Edward Grinnan, Editor-in-Chief
, New York, New York

When we pause regularly in devotion to remember the greatness of our Maker, it changes how we perceive life. 

by Julia Attaway

Guideposts contributing writer Jeff Chu

Daily Guideposts contributor shares how prayer brings peace and comfort even in life's most difficult challenges.

by Jeff Chu
, New York, New York

These four words are just the right prayer in times of uncertainty.

by Julia Attaway

woman drinking from coffee cup

This devotional from Glimpses of God's Grace gives insight on how you can experience God's presence throughout the day.

by Anita Corrine Donihue

Devotional writer, Tricia Goyer of Mornings with Jesus

This devotional will help you to call on Jesus  for help with life's challenges.

by Tricia Goyer
, Little Rock, Arkansas

If there’s one time I pray without ceasing, it’s in the midst of gossip. And any situation that knocks me to my knees in prayer is good.

by Julia Attaway

Erin Keeley Marshall, Author of Mornings with Jesus

Tap into His limitless resources and your life will flourish.

by Erin Keeley Marshall

Mornings with Jesus author, Keri Wyatt Kent

To be close to Jesus, imitate Him—live as He would in our place and make His spiritual practices ours.

by Keri Wyatt Kent
, Chicago, Illinois

Close-up of the Bible, First book of Moses called Genesis

A lifelong love of words inspires one woman to share, encourage and create.

by Carol Knapp

Camy Tang, Mornings with Jesus Contributing Writer

Mornings with Jesus contributor, Camy Tang, shares how putting God's word to action grows her faith.

by Camy Tang

Daily Guideposts writer, Carol Kuykendall

Longtime Daily Guideposts writer reflects on her own devotional time.

by Carol Kuykendall
, Boulder, Colorado

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