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Daily Devotions

Daily devotions can help you keep the Word of God a constant presence in
your life. The Christian devotions you’ll find here offer time for personal
reflection, an oasis of quiet in a busy life, and a way to feel inspired and
closer to God. These Bible devotions, beautiful reminders of God’s love, provide inspiration at the beginning of your day and peace at day’s end.






Today's Daily Reflection

God never made a promise that was too good to be true. –Dwight L. Moody, evangelist and publisher
Lean on the One who cares.
Lord, help me to believe and act on Your promise.

Recent Daily Devotions

Muffins may feed our bodies, but care must also be taken to nourish our souls.

With the hectic lives we lead today, it's vital that we devote time each day to nourishing our souls.

by Patricia Houck Sprinkle

Staying the course when heaven is silent is a challenge. But one thing’s certain: We’ll never resolve a communications problem with God if we stop praying.
by Julia Attaway

For Philip Zaleski, a cup of joe was a chink for God’s light to shine through.

It seems clear that God wants us to be neighborly toward everyone, whether we like them or not.

by Philip Zaleski

Like the migration of Canada geese, we believers flock together week by week.

Like Canada geese, we believers flock together, strengthening our spiritual wings and encouraging one another.

by Alma Barkman

Portrait of Jesus Christ

The contributing writers to Mornings with Jesus, a newly published devotional, share the impact of the work on their relationship with Jesus.

by Rebecca Maker
, Brooklyn, New York

The Lord gives us plenty of role models and inspiration for each of our spiritual needs. Who are yours?

by Julia Attaway

Sabra Ciancanelli shares an and inspiring devotion from Daily Guideposts 2012.

Here's an inspiring sample from our new collection of devotions, Daily Guideposts 2012.

by Sabra Ciancanelli
, Tivoli, New York

Rethinking the things that stand between us and God as tools for devotion.

by Julia Attaway

Erin Keeley Marshall

Making time for rest and relaxation is important for your spiritual health.

by Erin Keeley Marshall

Training ourselves to hear and enjoy our quiet time with God.

by Julia Attaway

apple in leaves

I recaptured what autumn meant when I was growing up: bright leaf colors, honeycrisp apples, pumpkins and squashes. Autumn was again an occasion.

by Rhoda Blecker

Sometimes my prayer list spins out of control and I feel overwhelmed.  Then I think, Stop. The answer is devotion, not despair.

by Julia Attaway

A devotional on why you should always take the opportunity to pray.

by Edward Grinnan

A grieving daughter discovers love is everlasting.

by Brenda Wilbee

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