Daily Devotions

Daily devotions can help you keep the Word of God a constant presence in
your life. The Christian devotions you’ll find here offer time for personal
reflection, an oasis of quiet in a busy life, and a way to feel inspired and
closer to God. These Bible devotions, beautiful reminders of God’s love, provide inspiration at the beginning of your day and peace at day’s end.






Today's Daily Reflection

Happiness depends on happenings; joy depends on Christ. –Anonymous
Do your best and leave the rest to God.
Lord, help me hear Your call and serve You joyfully.

Recent Daily Devotions

A Christian devotional about the Mennonite immigrants and how their faith in God made their dreams become real

by Penney Schwab

Are humans controlled by habits? In this daily devotional, a small bird makes one woman think about life.

by Elizabeth Sherrill

She does more than just pray when thinking of others. This daily devotional reminds us that God will answer.

by Elsie Larson

Someone finally told this woman to stop talking and start listening. In this daily devotional, she learned the value of silence.

by Carol Knapp

As her granddaughter held her hand, she learned a lesson in trust. This daily devotional illustrates faith in a sweet and tender way.

by Marion Bond West

She couldn't find the silverware anywhere, so she assumed the boy stole it. This daily devotional shares a lesson in forgiveness after making accusations.

by Zona B. Davis

In this bible devotional, a father receives a little parenting wisdom after asking God for help.

by Eric Fellman

Roberta Messner

Her inspiring recovery helped her realize that Jesus healed her—a daily devotion that reminds us we're always cared for.

by Roberta Messner

In this daily devotional, one woman's experiment with pottery taught her something she never expected.

by Samantha McGarrity

When her son chose a seminary she didn't approve of, Ruth Stafford Peale was worried about how it would change him in this Christian devotional about trusting God.

by Ruth Stafford Peale

His son wanted to fly his new kite in a park filled with troubled kids. In this daily devotional, a father takes a chance and learns a valuable lesson.

by Arthur Gordon

He couldn't figure out the meaning of the fig tree in his Bible devotion that morning. But at a crucial point in the game, this Little League coach learned the lesson.

by Jeff Japinga

In this daily devotional, an army soldier's lesson prepares him for life's hardships.

by John Sherrill

This daily devotion teaches an important lesson. She didn't expect her flowers to remind her.

by Mary Lou Carney

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