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The Power Of Positive Thinking

We all get bogged down at times in negative
thinking, wasting time and energy in worry
and fear. Why not make the most of your
life no matter what your circumstances?
You can do that by replacing the pessimistic
thinking that’s holding you back with
motivating thoughts that can help you
live the life you deserve.

These stories show the power of
positive thinking; they will inspire you to
develop an optimistic attitude so you can
live a happier and more meaningful life.


Recent The Power Of Positive Thinking Stories

Tim Sanders on positive thinking

The author and motivational speaker talks about the positive thinking books that have inspired him the most, including The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

Some might say positive thinking is an act of faith. That’s true, but it is just as much an act of imagination

by Amy Wong

John Kralik

How these two little words helped one man positively transform his life.

by John Kralik
, Los Angeles, California

Meet a man whose positive attitude helped him discover his true calling.

by Alina Larson
, New York, New York

Norman Vincent Peale

Facing your fears can be a challenge. Here are three positive thinking tips to get you started!

by Norman Vincent Peale

Four days with no internet connection? What would I do? More than I thought, as it turned out.

by Amy Wong

Use the power of positive thinking in daily life

How positive thinking can strengthen your marriage.

by Jon Gordon

Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale shows you how to use the Bible to put your mind and spirit at ease.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Light through the clouds

A new year is ahead. Now is the time for optimistic thinking. Define what it is that you hope for—and ask for it!

by Norman Vincent Peale

Ralph Waldo Emerson's positive thinking tips

Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson was part of a small group of New England thinkers who advocated overcoming self-imposed limitation. Use these positive thinking tips in your everyday life.

by Ptolemy Tompkins
, New York, New York

Make your dreams come true with the power of positive thinking!

Author and Pastor Bil Cornelius offers advice for achieving success and happiness with the power of positive thinking.

by Bil Cornelius
, Corpus Christi, Texas

Three books that uplift CBS's Byron Pitts

Three books that uplift CBS's Byron Pitts.

Positive thinking is a good cure for a sick kid

A sick child, bad weather... How Kathryn Slattery found hope in the most unlikely place.

by Kathryn Slattery
, New Canaan, Connecticut

Positive thinking means choosing faith over fear

Positive thinking means choosing one over the other.

by Jon Gordon

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