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The Power Of Positive Thinking

We all get bogged down at times in negative
thinking, wasting time and energy in worry
and fear. Why not make the most of your
life no matter what your circumstances?
You can do that by replacing the pessimistic
thinking that’s holding you back with
motivating thoughts that can help you
live the life you deserve.

These stories show the power of
positive thinking; they will inspire you to
develop an optimistic attitude so you can
live a happier and more meaningful life.


Recent The Power Of Positive Thinking Stories

The power of positive thinking at work

Research show emotions spread. So think, what do you want your co-workers to catch?

by Jon Gordon

Through positive thinking, one town's snow problems were tackled

Through generosity in spirit and positive thinking, one town's snow problems were taken care of during tough times.

by Dave Browning
, Fife Lake, Michigan

The path to success is paved by positive thinking

Jon Gordon's inspiring story of a man who decided not to take his lay-off laying down.

by Jon Gordon

Daryn Kagan finds a new career in positive thinking.

After she left CNN, she found a different career in news—one focused on positive thinking.

by Daryn Kagan
, Atlanta, Georgia

How his crisis of faith helped him become a positive thinker

Before Jon Gordon became Mr. Positive, he had a crisis of faith that changed his life—for the better.

by Jon Gordon

The positive thinking Debbie with daughter Carrie and granddaughter Billie

At 79, she's still singing and dancing. Her favorite role keeps her thinking positive!

by Nina Hämmerling Smith
, Weston, Connecticut

Positive thinking gets positive results

Forget about comparing and change your focus to excellence, for positive results.

by Jon Gordon

Turn a negative into a positive

Instead of complaining, the staff of a hospital facing layoffs turned the negative situation into a positive solution.

by Jon Gordon

Jaclyn Smith and her dog

The famous Charlie's Angels actress, Jaclyn Smith, will always be remembered for that time in her life. But now she's found a new passion in design and discovering the blessings of home.

by Jaclyn Smith
, Los Angeles, California

Do good, feel good

Research shows that doing good for others improves your capacity for optimistic thinking.

by Russell Scott Smith
, Weston, Connecticut

Norman Vincent Peale discusses some of the positive thinking tips he gives people who come to him with the spiritual blues.

by Norman Vincent Peale
, New York, New York

Positive thinking is important in tough times.

Expert Jon Gordon argues that it's important to stay positive in tough times.

by Jon Gordon
, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

The power of positive thinking and self-awareness can not only help one person change their life, but can cause an added ripple effect in the community around that person.

by Norman Vincent Peale

You can help someone else feel the power of positive thinking by paying them a compliment, and spreading a positive attitude.

by Norman Vincent Peale
, New York, New York

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