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Norman Vincent Peale

Like the millions of people who have read 
"The Power of PositiveThinking" by Dr.
Norman Vincent Peale, you can profoundly
change your life by changing 
your thinking  
Dr. Peale’s message
and positive thinking 
tips are as powerful
and relevant today as 
they were when
he wrote about them.

you commit yourself to optimistic
you’ll be better equipped to
overcome life’s 
difficulties and create
a life of happiness 
and success.


Norman Vincent Peale Inspired

Positive thinking: Ways to help a caregiver

With all her worries, I was afraid my sister would burn out. All I needed was a little positive thinking to come up with these ideas to help her.

by Mary Lou Carney
, Senior Editor

Sure, if you don’t try, you’ll never fail. But if you don’t try, you’ll never achieve anything either. Here's a lesson in persistence

by Amy Wong

iStock Photos

Have you noticed that certain people bend but don't break, even in the face of great adversity? Here's how they bounce back.

by Lisa Marie Rovito
, Irvine, California

Ralph Waldo Emerson's positive thinking tips

Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson was part of a small group of New England thinkers who advocated overcoming self-imposed limitation. Use these positive thinking tips in your everyday life.

by Ptolemy Tompkins
, New York, New York

It’s hard to keep thinking positive when you’re worried about negative cash flow. Sometimes you need a little indulgence, especially one that reduces stress and make you feel good.

by Amy Wong

Are more of us showing the symptoms of attention deficit disorder because modern life encourages, even demands, those traits? Maybe ADD confers some sort of adaptive advantage in today's world.

by Amy Wong

Positive thinking: Jon Gordon says there's a big plan for your life

Don’t let fear get in the way of the life that is meant for you. There's something bigger out there—something you can't see.

by Jon Gordon

What have you forgotten about that would make you happy to use? What have you set aside because your day-to-day life doesn’t demand it? Not possessions, but talents or passions.

by Amy Wong

Positive thinking tips about being more thoughtful

Whenever you have a free moment, think about what your loved ones are doing—it helps keep their lives fresh in your mind. All it takes is a little thinking ahead.

by Jessica C. Kraft
, San Francisco, California

Positive thinking: Madieu Williams has hope for poverty and illness at home

Pro football player Madieu Williams supports small health care victories in his homeland. He hasn't lost hope that things can change.

by Ron Berler

Positive thinking tips: Be a better leader

Follow these positive thinking tips to create an atmosphere where people feel valued!

by Jessica C. Kraft
, New York, New York

When someone gives a compliment, many of us just feel like crawling under a rock. Here are some positive thinking tips on how to accept them graciously.

by Alina Larson

Jon Gordon

The amazing thing about golf is that at the end of the day golfers don't remember the multitude of horrible shots they made.

by Jon Gordon
, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I’ve always considered my refusal to succumb to sickness a great example of the power of positive thinking. Now I’m reconsidering.

by Amy Wong

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