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Norman Vincent Peale

Like the millions of people who have read 
"The Power of PositiveThinking" by Dr.
Norman Vincent Peale, you can profoundly
change your life by changing 
your thinking  
Dr. Peale’s message
and positive thinking 
tips are as powerful
and relevant today as 
they were when
he wrote about them.

you commit yourself to optimistic
you’ll be better equipped to
overcome life’s 
difficulties and create
a life of happiness 
and success.


Norman Vincent Peale Inspired

Make your dreams come true with the power of positive thinking!

Author and Pastor Bil Cornelius offers advice for achieving success and happiness with the power of positive thinking.

by Bil Cornelius
, Corpus Christi, Texas

I love giving compliments. Accepting them, that's what I have trouble with. From now on, no more negative responses to positive feedback.

by Amy Wong

Sometimes you hear the right thing at the right time. Like this inspiring message from my spinning instructor last night...

by Amy Wong

Reliving positive experiences can help you feel better about your current circumstances. Here's how to recapture that carefree vacation vibe.

by Amy Wong

I usually have a whole list of things I want to see and do on vacation. Not this time...

by Amy Wong

Dogs can have strange fears. My dog faced one of hers and taught me something in the process.

by Amy Wong

Tips from a positive thinking expert

Become the best you can be with powerful positive thinking tips from motivational speaker Jon Gordon.

by Jon Gordon

Even when times are tough and you can't find the silver lining, try making a list of the small things you are grateful for right now.

by Amy Wong

Jon Gordon

You're here for a reason. You're here to live for more than just you. Jon Gordon helps you with your positive thinking.

by Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon helps you with positive thinking

How hope and faith will help you stay positive and help you achieve success.

by Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon's positive thinking tips

Jon Gordon helps you change your mindset with these positive thinking tips.

by Jon Gordon

Three books that uplift CBS's Byron Pitts

Three books that uplift CBS's Byron Pitts.

A divorced and broken woman finds the courage to put herself out there again...and finds love!

by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers
, Blanco, Texas

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