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Norman Vincent Peale

Like the millions of people who have read 
"The Power of PositiveThinking" by Dr.
Norman Vincent Peale, you can profoundly
change your life by changing 
your thinking  
Dr. Peale’s message
and positive thinking 
tips are as powerful
and relevant today as 
they were when
he wrote about them.

you commit yourself to optimistic
you’ll be better equipped to
overcome life’s 
difficulties and create
a life of happiness 
and success.


Norman Vincent Peale Inspired

Push the envelope to change your life.

Oprah and Bill Gates are powerful because they constantly striving. Are you?

by Jon Gordon

DIY expert Kelee Katillac share some positive thinking tips on creating a special room for your kids.

by Kelee Katillac
, Kansas City, Missouri

Maintain your vision. It's crucial to success

Jon Gordon explains why maintaining your vision is crucial to attaining goals.

by Jon Gordon

Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson

With a little positive thinking, we can go green together!

by Russell Scott Smith
, Weston, Connecticut

Turn a negative into a positive

Instead of complaining, the staff of a hospital facing layoffs turned the negative situation into a positive solution.

by Jon Gordon

Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale shares tips to help you get the most from God's Word.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Jaclyn Smith and her dog

The famous Charlie's Angels actress, Jaclyn Smith, will always be remembered for that time in her life. But now she's found a new passion in design and discovering the blessings of home.

by Jaclyn Smith
, Los Angeles, California

Use positive thinking to help you solve life's problems

Positive thinking expert Norman Vincent Peale urges you to become a master of your own life.

by Normant Vincent Peale
, New York, New York

Do good, feel good

Research shows that doing good for others improves your capacity for optimistic thinking.

by Russell Scott Smith
, Weston, Connecticut

Positive thinking: set your goals

Positive thinking expert Norman Vincent Peale shares anecdotes he has collected in which people change their lives by defining their faith and goals.

by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
, New York, New York

A woman, viewed from behind, addressing a group of people

Here are 6 tips for overcoming fear of public speaking.

by Bill Canfield
, New York, New York

Norman Vincent Peale discusses some of the positive thinking tips he gives people who come to him with the spiritual blues.

by Norman Vincent Peale
, New York, New York

A family of four on vacation in the mountains

Whether you'll be on the road for three days or three months, here are some positive thinking tips to get you ready.

by Kathie Kania
, The Dalles, Oregon

Harness the power of positive thinking to help you bounce back

Everyone makes mistakes. Norman Vincent Peale argues that you must use positive thinking to bounce back from them.

by Norman Vincent Peale

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