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Norman Vincent Peale

Like the millions of people who have read 
"The Power of PositiveThinking" by Dr.
Norman Vincent Peale, you can profoundly
change your life by changing 
your thinking  
Dr. Peale’s message
and positive thinking 
tips are as powerful
and relevant today as 
they were when
he wrote about them.

you commit yourself to optimistic
you’ll be better equipped to
overcome life’s 
difficulties and create
a life of happiness 
and success.


Norman Vincent Peale Inspired

Ruth Stafford Peale

After 50 years, the power of positive thinking can still help you change your life.

by Ruth Stafford Peale
, Pawling, New York

Remembering Norman Vincent Peale

The author of the groundbreaking pamphlet The Power of Positive Thinking is memorialized as a true optimistic thinker by his daughter, Elizabeth.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen

A list of organizations that you can turn to

by Ashley DeVecht

Runner Wilma Rudolph credits faith and positive thinking for her history-making gold medals at the 1960 Olympics.

by Norman Vincent Peale

The gratitude of a little girl teaches us the true meaning of Christmas.

Wendy's founder Dave Thomas went from poor orphan to business leader, using the power of positive thinking to help him achieve his goals.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Positive thinking tips for decorating your home

Decorating expert Kelee Katillac shares some do-it-yourself tips.

by Kelee Katillac
, Kansas City, Missouri

Positive thinking tips: Kelee Katillac helps you create an inspired home

Our own house and home expert Kelee Katillac believes in a different kind of renovation.

by Kelee Katillac
, Kansas City, Missouri

Try some positive thinking to break out of your negative ruts

Positive thinking tips like live in the moment can help you combat negative thinking patterns.

by Alexandra Levit

Norman Vincent Peale

Ten tips from The Power of Positive Thinking to help you weather the storm of financial troubles.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Jon Gordon shares tips to help bring more positivity into your life.

by Jon Gordon
, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

A guide to psychologist Abraham Maslow's pyramid of human needs.

by Edward Hoffman, Ph.D.
, New York, New York

Maslow's hierarchy of positive thinking

The story of positive psychologist Abraham Maslow, and how he used the power of positive thinking.

by Edward Hoffman, Ph.D.
, New York, New York

Positive thinking helped this dad restore Superbird car

It took years to get his dream car. Then years to fix it up. Was it all worth it? My son's positive thinking said it was.

by Rick Garmon
, Monroe, Georgia

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