The Faith to Stand Tall

Thousands of our returning soldiers face incredible adversity. Meet one who found a way to grow strong in it.

By Colonel Greg Gadson, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

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Mike brought me to a conference room, where the team had gathered. There was nothing I could tell them about the game that they didn’t already know.

But I could talk about my life, about not quitting on yourself or on your faith, about not giving up when giving up seems like the only option, the things I had come to know these past number of months.

I stood up in front of them, on my new prostheses, and began to talk. To me, it wasn’t particularly memorable or inspiring. The players applauded at the finish, but I felt it was mostly out of politeness.

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I didn’t think any more of it, even the next day, when the Giants went out and whipped the ’Skins. Even when they won their next five straight and made it to the playoffs.

But when they won the Super Bowl and Mike told me how much my talk had meant to some of the players, it really hit home: My story can help and inspire others.

I enrolled in grad school and earned a second master’s degrees—the first one was in information systems, the second in policy management. I acted in the movie Battleship. And I returned to active duty in the Army, where I am currently the garrison commander at Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

There’s no quit in this soldier. That is one of the greatest lessons war taught me, a lesson I see time and again among the thousands of our brave returning soldiers who face adversity and find the faith to grow strong in it.


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Colonel Gadson: God Bless you for serving our country so selflessly. For protecting OUR freedom at a cost of some of your own! I truly wish I could connect you with my friend, Sandra who is a Canadian citizen currently in a rehab facility after losing her entire left leg. They are telling her she will have to live in an assisted living facility for the rest of her life and she is convinced she will never walk again. I try to encourage her by telling her that God can work miracles! You are a fine example of that, Sir! God Bless you and your family!

Col. Greg Gadsen, Thank you for sharing your very touching story! Thank you for your service to our great country! May God bless you and your lovely family!

My son, Jared, had scoliosis and kyphosis surgery a couple years ago. One year ago, he had double pneumonia and was in ICU for 6 weeks. If you've ever had a simple surgery, you can imagine how much pain he suffered. When he was strong enough to walk, I would walk up and down the hall, here at home, with him reading the Guideposts stories of others in need of prayers, inspiring stories of faith and God's mysterious ways. When he got depressed and thought he would never "have his life back", we would read the stories, and pray for the cancer and Alzheimer patients and others in need in the stories. I know that keeping the focus off of his "cross" and praying for others saved both of us lots of pity parties.

Last week, I dislocated my ankle and broke both leg bones. Nurses in the ER repositioned the ankle, put on a soft cast, and said call the surgeon on Monday. On Monday when the surgeon, Dr. Leis, came in talked to me about the surgery, I asked if he had ever performed this particular surgery before. "Nope, It'll be my first" he said. In my mind, I was running out of there as fast as possible. Jared has been through so much pain and suffering because of surgeons that were not the best. Because of this, I always do my best to find the top surgeon for the job. Jared's spine surgery was in Missouri, Dr. Lenke, #1 spine surgeon in US. Back to Dr Leis. He laughed a bit, then said he was an active duty surgeon for several years in the Iraqi war and had seen and performed lots and much worse than mine. Now I'm thinking "better than I deserve" and I am so very grateful for his service to our military men and women. I felt humbled to have him as my doctor.

A few days after the surgery, Jared asked if I'd read the Guideposts magazine. That was the best dose of medicine I could have taken for the pain. While reading "Faith to Stand Tall", I realized it's just 2 bones not 2 legs like Col Gadson. I encourage you all to read Guideposts for daily encouragement from God.

Col Gadson is an American Hero and a Christian Hero to us. Thanks for such an inspiring spory.

Wow! God Bless you, Greg. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. You are an inspiration and having just read your story I am filled with a very grateful heart. May God continue to bless you.

Reading the officer's story made me realize how big a GOD we serve if we only surrender everything to HIM and HIS power. In the last 3 months I'VE been attacked by the enemy in so many ways.My daughter had a stroke with no where to live Ihad to take her in, her son is in jail maybe deported back to our country. The 22yr daughter with a 3yr old child wasalready living witH me had to put in rehab, the 18yr old tried to kill her self but I cried out to GOD with all that I knew and HE helped to bear all of that,Jesus is the only answer to our troubles. All we have to do is take it to the LORD in prayer. now yesterday my 30yr old daughter just lost her dad, they were just begining to have a relationship.Only GOD can do let go and let HIM take over.

Re: Colonel Greg Gadson, and other returning soldiers, in the USA, Canada and all countries who fight for peace: Yes, it's easy to give up. Having read Col. Gadson's article, I feel humble. Being an intelligent woman, I have been feeling "crippled" mentally despite the many prayers for relief. Having been fired from the work I dearly loved (which, in my mind, amounted to being "rail roaded" out of the job), I felt cheated, angry and resentful. I have looked back at my behaviour and concluded that I did not fit with the laxadasical attitude of many workers which seem to be prevalent in many work places, i.e. work is secondary and socializing in the work place is primary. Brought up with old school and work ethics, I did not fit in and at times made comments. I still feel that I was rail roaded out of the job because I had no warning. However, having read Col. Gadson's article and other articles, I realize now that I crippled myself mentally. I still believe in the power of prayer, and still strive to be a well rounded Christian despite what seems to be negativity in the media, etc. I know God is helping me. I think of soldiers returning from war with PTSD and physical injuries and I hope our goverments and the citizens continue to help these solders when they return to their countries and do not ever forget them. Thank you.

I'm really touched. His words hit me hard. i cried while I was reading his story. I'm about to quit my job, but i won't now. Thank you for that iunspiring words. God bless.

who cares he got injured

This is a very touching story. Am glad for you Greg. One thing I've learnt here is that am not givining up no matter what life turns out.

Brian,I think you'll find this interesting. He is garrison commander at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

If this soldier story does not give you inspiration I do not know what will! :)

I was in Texas at my sons who took me in when my best friend Fred had been killed the kids dad.We were divorced in 1991 and I never thought anything else could rip my life apart.During the divorce my sons and son in law all went to Iraq and it was so heart breaking to wait for no return or worse for them the loss of limb and family. I didn't know it but I hurt my family by giving up and getting the divorce from Fred. We never know what lies on the horizon it is early am, and I just went through 7 grueling days of being out and again at the hospital for my mom. During the past week, I became mom and she is becoming a little girl. I had to step up to the plate.Someone gave me some expert advice he is fresh out university law, you have to stand tall and watch your back.You have the control this time.It was scary but each day as in the past I listened and remembered all she suffered and the list wasn't pretty some people still wanted to take her down. She fell in the hospital and bumped her head and her back. She's 85. So I stood 4'11' and started to restrengthen the Faith inside me. Reading this on my Saturday off,is inspiring because I know how many needed me to buck up and get with it. The bills got behind, I am trying to sell my land, the house is dusty, the food needs to be restocked, but mom and I played at the hospital when she wasn't in terror mode.It was worth the time spent,her days of worrying about losing her sons to war are gone, her days of being hurt by domestic violence are now gone and I said " Mom let it all go, take his Hand Mom,take the creators hand ". I went to her room at the nursing home and cleaned it out and I found treasures of how when the dementia started she had struggled to keep a sense of memory.It broke my heart, so I knew it wasn't about me or the family fueds or the people who had grown to dislike her it was the little girl sitting in the hospital waiting. We watched a tv show before she went back to the hospital and a statement was made about a mom.She looked at me and in her struggle to remember the words just said repeated verbatim the love from that statement to me eye to eye.I couldn't believe. A whole sentence with feelings. Mom's ready and she took the hand of the man up there. Her boys came home and mine came home and the land I wanted to use to help the boys coming home, is about me also coming home. Now what's next, someone said at Christmas I should talk to the big guys at the big games and get them to assist me in my dreams before it is too late.Thanks for inspiring me this morning, the first it feels like that I can sit without running in the night and to the hospital. When we got back to the nursing home her new room had been set up by the cna's and nurses with care and so beautifully decorated. I told them the only thing missing was the coca cola she had come to enjoy. They are letting me bring in her own 12 pak. We don't know how long we will have each other but this lady taught me that she had a lot of worth to leave behind and I am writing her story. God Bless Toni