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Outreach Ministries

Guideposts Outreach touches millions
of lives by bringing faith and hope to people
in need of God's presence and promise.
The articles here show the huge difference
 Guideposts Outreach ministries make
 in the lives of so many. Guideposts 
millions of inspirational
 publications free to 
the military,
nursing  homes, prisons, a
children’s hospitals, and the
OurPrayer ministry prays over 
hundreds of thousands of
prayer requests by name and
need each and every year.

Recent Outreach Ministries Stories

Outreach Ministries blogger Edie Melson and her family

Here are some helpful tips to let a military family know you're thinking about them and praying for them...

by Edie Melson

A scary forest at night

It was an experience that gave me the faith to believe that God was also with my son...

by Edie Melson

PTSD Awareness Month image with American flags

Misinformation about PTSD often keeps those suffering from seeking help. That’s where we come in.

by Edie Melson

Marie Hatcher holding her son Matthew, who has a CHD, for the first time

Like Grandma and Grandpa Peale, Marie Hatcher found a need and took action to fill it...

by Katie Allen Berlandi

The eye of a menacing storm cloud

God sends us into these situations to strengthen us and give us a foundation for our faith...

by Edie Melson

Outreach Ministries blogger Edie Melson's picture of a tiger in the grass

Was I like a deer, without the strength of the herd, vulnerable to the tiger's cunning–vulnerable to Satan’s attack?

by Edie Melson

A beautiful full moon over wispy clouds

I struggled for the right words of protection to pray for my son fighting in the Middle East. Then God brought to mind this verse...

by Edie Melson

Those who had walked the path of praying for a soldier at war often reached out before I had the chance to self-destruct.

by Edie Melson

American flags waving in a crowd with sunlight behind them

I know first-hand just how important it is to pray for the men and women whose loved ones are in harm's way...

by Edie Melson

Vines dripping from a tree in the fog with a cross in the background

I knew God loved Jimmy even more than I did–at least my head knew that–but my heart was unconvinced...

by Edie Melson

A blue and white bumper sticker that says FORGIVE COEXIST

When faced with the hurdle of forgiveness, I turn to tips from my grandfather Norman Vincent Peale...

by Katie Allen Berlandi

A line of Patriot Guards saluting at a fallen Army medic's funeral

I listened to the service, grateful that God had set his angels the Patriot Guard to watch over those who were grieving...

by Edie Melson

An American flag backlit by a lamppost at night

Here's the list I use when praying for our military men and women serving in harm's way. What's yours?

by Edie Melson

Outreach Ministries blogger Edie Melson's sons

Kids are much more involved with combat than in the past. It wasn’t uncommon for our military son to call his younger brothers while he was on deployment...

by Edie Melson

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