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Outreach Ministries

Guideposts Outreach touches millions
of lives by bringing faith and hope to people
in need of God's presence and promise.
The articles here show the huge difference
 Guideposts Outreach ministries make
 in the lives of so many. Guideposts 
millions of inspirational
 publications free to 
the military,
nursing  homes, prisons, a
children’s hospitals, and the
OurPrayer ministry prays over 
hundreds of thousands of
prayer requests by name and
need each and every year.

Recent Outreach Ministries Stories

Krista Campbell wearing her MIA bracelet

A woman, a bracelet and an airman missing for almost 50 years.

by Krista Campbell
, Old Town, Florida

Through our Military Outreach program, we hope we can inspire our soldiers as they inspire us.

by Katie Allen Berlandi

A woman's hands at a laptop keyboard, logging into OurPrayer.org

She never knew how much her prayers meant until she needed the prayers of others.

by Janelle Spooner
, Keeseville, New York

Nothing made sense that day. All I could do was comfort my children—and pray.

by Katie Allen Berlandi

Colonel Greg Gadson

Thousands of our returning soldiers face incredible adversity. Meet one who found a way to grow strong in it.

by Colonel Greg Gadson
, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

However you define it, outreach involves extending ourselves, our talents, our resources, to help others.

by Katie Allen Berlandi

Grandma and Grandpa, Norman Vincent Peale and Ruth Stafford Peale, would’ve been thrilled about another way to share hope, faith and inspiration.

by Katie Allen Berlandi

Savannah Madison Ogden

An 11-year-old Florida girl is inspired to launch a campaign that encourages children to write to soldiers stationed abroad.

Chaplain Charles Howell

A career Army chaplain shares the importance of Guideposts Outreach to his ministry.

by Chaplain Charles Howell
, Colonel, US Army (retired)

J.R. Martinez, author and winner of Dancing with the Stars competition

Meet J.R. Martinez, Army veteran and winner of the Dancing with the Stars competition, who talks about his new book, Full of Heart, and the importance of accepting change.

Army corporal Herman Hilmes

Watch this amazing tale of how a Bible saved this Korean War soldier.

Robin Kelleher

Meet a woman who made it her mission in life to come to the aid of wounded veterans.

by Robin Kelleher
, Washington, D.C.

Toby Keith

Watch as country singer Toby Keith surprises the wife of a soldier serving in Afghanistan by arranging an onstage reunion with her husband.  

Sherrill Dickey Porterfield and her husband, Jimmie

A woman in love with a troubled Iraq veteran learns to let go and let God.

by Sherrill Dickey Porterfield
, Orange, Texas

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