Outreach Ministries

Guideposts Outreach touches millions
of lives by bringing faith and hope to people
in need of God's presence and promise.
The articles here show the huge difference
 Guideposts Outreach ministries make
 in the lives of so many. Guideposts 
millions of inspirational
 publications free to 
the military,
nursing  homes, prisons, a
children’s hospitals, and the
OurPrayer ministry prays over 
hundreds of thousands of
prayer requests by name and
need each and every year.

Recent Outreach Ministries Stories

Pam Kanaly

A call from Guideposts Outreach gave her ministry a welcome boost.

by Pam Kanaly
, Edmond, Oklahoma

I was honored to speak to hundreds of soldiers. I have to say, I really love the Army.

by Edward Grinnan

Julien Warren and her family

As her young son fought cancer, family, friends and strangers joined her in prayer.

by Julien Warren
, Plainville, Massachusetts

Adam Burke

I joined the Army to get away from the farm. Little did I know it would save me when I came home.

by Adam Burke
, Jacksonville, Florida

A soldier in fatigues salutes the flag.

Here's information for injured veterans and those who wish to help.

by Amy Leibrock
, New York, New York

Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kits logo

Pastoral professionals talk about how Guideposts Comfort Kits help sick children.

Stickers from a Guideposts Comfort Kit for Kids

Donna Young talks about the impact that Guideposts Comfort Kits have on children.

A soldier praying at a grave

Learn how Guideposts Outreach supports and encourages the men and women in the military.

Norman Vincent Peale's granddaughter, Katie Berlandi

A woman follows in her family's footsteps to help extend God's love to those in need.

by Katie Berlandi
, Sherman, Connecticut

Guideposts editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan

With the help of our readers and supporters, Guideposts Outreach reaches out to people in need.

by Edward Grinnan, Editor-in-Chief
, New York, New York

Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kit

Jennifer and Ryan Nace tells the story of their son Austin's illness and how the Guideposts Comfort Kit star soothed their sick child.

A plush golden star from a Guideposts Comfort Kit

Brightening a sick child's day with a Comfort Kit is just one service Guideposts Outreach provides.

by Pablo Diaz

Bob and Phyl­lis Leatherman of Burbank, Ohio

Guideposts readers uses hospitality business to spread hope to their guests.

by Pablo Diaz
, Danbury, Connecticut

. John Bowden, Jr., who joined with OurPrayer.org to pray for his community

 Rev. John Bowden, Jr. and members of his congregation set out to pray for their community with the help of OurPrayer.org.

by Rev. John Bowden, Jr.
, Plainfield, New Jersery

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