Prayers For Hope

No matter what problems you face, it's important to keep hope alive in your life.
These prayers for hope can help calm your fears and grow your faith.

O God, I want the doors of my spirit to turn out, not in, for You, the Creator, made me for creative activity. Help me to create hope and faith in others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

by E. Stanley Jones
Source: Abundant Living

Lord Jesus, I do hope in You. I trust in You. And I’ll wait as long as You want me to for the blessings and strength You plan for me. Help me continue to walk with You and not grow faint. Amen.

by Trish Perry
Source: Delight Yourself in the Lord Even on Bad Hair Days

O Christ, I know You have a better way, which is Your will. I choose You. For You will be standing on the horizon as the smoke clears away—our one hope. I thank You. Amen.

by E. Stanley Jones
Source: The Way

Dear God, I choose You. And because I choose You, I choose hope. And because I choose hope, I will keep going even when I am tired and discouraged. You will strengthen me, encourage me, and give me hope and a future. I trust You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

by Leith Anderson
Source: Faith Matters

Dear Jesus, suffering on earth is troublesome, and though we know our future is with You, some days we wonder if we can take the next step. Please, Lord, restore my heart today. And if there’s a friend who needs me, give me eyes to see their pain and put a salve of love and compassion upon their heart. Amen.

by Kristin Billerbeck
Source: Delight Yourself in the Lord Even on Bad Hair Days
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