The Lord's Prayer: Doorway to God

The Lord’s Prayer answers our questions about how to pray–answers that grow richer and deeper as we grow in spirit.

By Elaine St. Johns

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For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever, Amen... Why do we pray? Because God is over all, in all, through all. All things are His and we are His.

And then we add Amen. Here is the joy, the rejoicing and the thanksgiving of our prayer.

When we had finished our experiment, both Tom and I felt that the Lord’s Prayer had given us complete answers to our questions about how to pray–answers that would continue to grow richer and deeper as we grew in spirit and understanding.

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I had, besides, the happy feeling that comes from trying to help someone, and in the process finding yourself helped and strengthened.

Tom went home that day determined to put into practice what he had learned about prayer. Later, he joined a church. Since then, he tells me, he has found a peace and a certainty that he never knew before.

“Discovering that there is a God,” he says, “was the door to my new life. But learning how to pray was the key that opened it.”

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You really brought this profound prayer "home". A beautiful interpretation.

No one had really explained the Lord's prayer line by line beforehand
ty it was of great help

Yes, I love this beautiful prayer. I have many more I say in the evening at night. No matter how many prayers I have or know, I always just come back to the Lord's Prayer. And the way you said it was so

Thank you for explaining Our Lord's Prayer in such a beautiful, profound and peaceful manner. Now I see the Lord's Prayer in such a different way and so very meaningful.

thank you so much for explaining the our father pary it was a great joy to read this afternoon when read my my news lettter from guide even though i say the our father pray morning and night reading it in between time gave me a greater touch of GOD so i want to thank you.heny

Thanks Elaine for this refresher on how powerful this simple prayer is. God bless.

Wow! Elaine, you really did a great job in explaining the "Our Father" prayer in a very profound meaninful way that I really never thought about it. Thank You for sharing.

I never heard the "Our Father" explained is such a beautiful and meaningful way. Thank You!

That was a lovely way to express the meaning of the Lord's prayer. It's not a prayer to be repeated over and over, necessarily, but a way to pray within the guidelines Jesus has set forth. We are to fill it with our own experiences and situations and needs. Thank you.

Thank you for the explanation of this prayer.

This is Powerful!! Thanks for sharing!
I'm going to share with my bible study group.