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How To Pray Effectively




More than a refuge in troubled times
or a 
peaceful pause in a hectic day,
prayer i
s a lifelong journey of
living intimately with 
God’s presence
and grace. These uplifting articles 
practical and easy-to-follow tips to 

strengthen your spiritual life and answers
your questions about how to pray.

Recent How To Pray Effectively Stories

Woman holding gift

The Holy Bible is filled with encouraging verses to appreciate everyday blessings.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

praying hands

In the midst of morning prayer, she heard a voice telling her to pray for Helen. Who was Helen?

by Edith M. Dean
, Conway, Arkansas

In my prayer life I can get lost in the details. This book helps me see the big picture.

by Rick Hamlin

Office for rent

Her spiritual practice brought inner peace and answered her needs.

by Rachel Roberts

Woman praying in sun on mountain

Scripture and tips to help you lead a life filled with the loving presence of God's light.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

Joel Osteen

The pastor of Lakewood Church encourages us to pray to God throughout the day in an informal and conversational way.

Plan Your Best Life

Bible verses and tips to help you plan your best life.

by Mary Lou Carney

A man with a disease with no known treatment learns the power of prayer.

by Randy Long
, Selma Alabama

Mary Lou Carney

Use this Bible lesson to help you trust God to do mighty things in your life.

by Mary Lou Carney
, Chesterton, Indiana

Peola Hicks on How to Pray the Lord's Prayer

Reverend Peola Hicks gives tips to jump start your spiritual journey using the Lord's Prayer.

Bestselling author Debbie Macomber

Bestselling author Debbie Macomber shares what inspires her prayer life.

Tips for God's Guidance

Use these encouraging Bible verses and helpful tips to receive God's guidance.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen

Scripture and Tips to Help with Depression

Dealing with depression?  Find encouragement in these Bible verses and tips.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen

Elizabeth Peale Allen

Spiritual techniques and Bible verses to turn to when facing life's challenges.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

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