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How To Pray Effectively




More than a refuge in troubled times
or a 
peaceful pause in a hectic day,
prayer i
s a lifelong journey of
living intimately with 
God’s presence
and grace. These uplifting articles 
practical and easy-to-follow tips to 

strengthen your spiritual life and answers
your questions about how to pray.

Recent How To Pray Effectively Stories

Bible verses to give comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

Woman basking in light in wheat field.

Face your fears with these Bible verses and tips.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen

Elizabeth Peale Allen

Take control of your finances with these insights from the Bible.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen

close-up of a child's hand offering a flower.

Create healthy, long lasting relationships using these ideas from the Bible.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

Woman writing in prayer journal.

Scripture and tips to fight fear with faith.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

An open Bible

4 Simple ways to recognize God's guiding voice.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen

Not sure of what to say in prayer? Try one of these psalms.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen

Women listening to music on a beautiful summer day.

Here are four physical activities to help you spend time with God when you seem to be fumbling your prayers.

by Marcia Ford

Christian writer, Marci Alborghetti

When you feel you can't pray, rely on the prayer that Jesus gave us.

by Marci Alborghetti
, New London, Connecticut

Creative tips for enhancing the power of your daily prayers

by Karen Barber
, Alpharetta, Georgia

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Normal Vincent Peale offers 7 surefire ways to help you in your decision-making process.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Uniting in prayer is a creative way to increase your spiritual growth.

by Connie Lee
, Eagan, Minnesota

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Tips on praying to assist you on your spiritual path.

by Norman Vincent Peale

woman praying when worried

Don’t allow anxiety to displace your faith in God.

by Marcia Ford

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