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How To Pray Effectively




More than a refuge in troubled times
or a 
peaceful pause in a hectic day,
prayer i
s a lifelong journey of
living intimately with 
God’s presence
and grace. These uplifting articles 
practical and easy-to-follow tips to 

strengthen your spiritual life and answers
your questions about how to pray.

Recent How To Pray Effectively Stories

As you celebrate today with family and friends, take a moment to ponder God’s mercy and send a prayer of gratitude.

by Peola Hicks

little girl praying

In this excerpt from Guideposts Daily Planner 2014, Van Varner shares the story of a child's perfect prayer.

by Van Varner

All the stuff you’re doing can just be part of your prayer: Tie up a package with a prayer for the person who’s getting the gift...

by Rick Hamlin

We know that prayer is always needed. It is one of the most loving things that we can do.

by Peola Hicks

Now, 2013 years later, our hope is still in the babe born in a manger. This is the hope of Advent.

by Peola Hicks

You can live without music like I suppose you can live without prayer, but why would you?

by Rick Hamlin

Time and again I meet Christians who found their faith through Lewis’ writings...

by Rick Hamlin

Knowing that God does not change and is with us in every situation prompts us to give thanks.

by Peola Hicks

Are we ever really off the hook when it comes to the needy? Isn’t helping them at the heart of the Gospel?

by Rick Hamlin

Daily Talks with God author, Karen Barber

Our Father is intimately acquainted with what is weighing most heavily on our minds at this very moment.

by Karen Barber
, Alpharetta, Georgia

Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine.

It’s the only human endeavor I can think of where trying is doing.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

There was a parade in New York yesterday, and it made me want to exclaim a prayer of “Thanks” and “Rejoice”...

by Rick Hamlin

We plan, we hope, we expect, we yearn. But in the end, “Only the Father knows.”

by Rick Hamlin

Prayer done in secret could help do wonders for a pastor who has a very public life.

by Peola Hicks

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