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Power Of Prayer


Prayer is our lifeline to God. It
sustains us and brings us closer to
our Creator. Whether you're new to
praying or you're a seasoned prayer 
warrior, these real-life stories will
demonstrate the power of prayer.
They will inspire you to commit 
yourself more fully to a 
life of prayer.



Recent Power Of Prayer Stories

Without our active participation, peace will not make its way into the world.

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

It's really the one thing in life we all want. And when we lose it, we want it back.

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

A heart “strangely warmed.” Isn’t it the desire of all our prayers?

by Rick Hamlin

Without the right focus, our Christmas too easily can become Christ-less or Christ-mess.

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

Happy are those who are thankful! A happy heart is a joyful heart.

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

I’m not a cat person. I never was a cat person. But God can change all of us.

by Rick Hamlin

A bathroom door sign reading Friends with two female stick figures holding hands

Weak from cancer treatment, she relied on her best friend, and Patti always came through.

by Cathy Mogus
, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Healing prayers and faith on Hanukkah

A young rabbinical student discovers his own Hanukkah miracle as he battles leukemia.

by Yosef Eliezrie
, Brooklyn, New York

How has God's grace touched your painful experiences? Here's my story...

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

The waking state is not always necessary to ask for, or receive, a prayer.

by Bob Hostetler

Ty'Ann Brown, OurPrayer Manager, invites you to Thanskgiving Day fo Prayer

Let OurPrayer staff and caring volunteers pray for you and your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day of Prayer, Monday, November 24Send your prayer request.

In adversity, prayer is never a poor substitute for action. It is action.

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

A woman reads email on her tablet.

When notified by email that a freelance assignment of long-standing had ended, she struggled with how to respond. Prayer brought her anwer.

by Roberta Messner
, Huntington, West Virginia

Looking for the "least of these"? You may find him on the morning commute.

by Rick Hamlin

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