The Accident That Didn't Happen... Thanks to Prayer

In this preview from Plus Magazine, a family is called to prayer and a full passenger plane is spared from unthinkable tragedy.

By Renee Knudsen

My younger siblings and I were in the back seat of the family minivan. I was holding a steaming cardboard box of pizza on my lap. The clock on the dashboard read 5:17 p.m., and we were starving. “Let’s get home while it’s still hot,” we begged. The car smelled of cheese and pepperoni, and every second we delayed was torture. Mom started to turn the key in the ignition–and then stopped.

“Kids,” she said, suddenly, urgently, “we need to pray.” I heard the concern in her voice. “Let’s pray. Right now. For Dad.”

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Normally we didn’t pray like this, but my brothers, sisters and I all bowed our heads and prayed for Dad’s safety. I wasn’t so hungry anymore. Was Dad okay? That same evening, 600 miles away at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, my father was sitting in the cockpit of a commercial airliner, preparing for take-off. The copilot looked over the instrument panel.

“Check. That’s everything, Captain,” he told Dad. As my father crossed the last item off of his pre-flight checklist, the flight attendant popped her head into the cockpit. “Everyone’s seated, Captain. We’ve got a full plane today: 139 people.”

Dad taxied toward the runway. Once in position, Dad stopped the plane and waited for clearance from air-traffic control. Pretty soon a voice came crackling over the radio: “Flight 232, you are now clear for takeoff.” But instead of barreling down the runway at 150 miles per hour, Dad hesitated.

The copilot stared at him. “Captain?” he said.

“We’re not accepting that clearance for takeoff,” Dad told him.

“What? Why?” the copilot asked.

“We’re not accepting that clearance,” Dad repeated, standing firm.

Later that evening, Mom got a call from Dad.

We all gathered around her as they spoke on the phone, eager to learn if anything had occurred. “See you soon, honey,” she told Dad finally, and hung up. With a trace of tears in her eyes, Mom turned to us kids.

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“Mom, is everything okay?” my older brother asked. “Is Dad all right?” I piped up.

Mom told us the story. “This afternoon your father was sitting on the runway when he got the clearance for takeoff. LaGuardia Airport is always busy, so when you get a clearance, you go. But for some reason he sensed that he should wait. Sensed it very clearly.”

"What happened?" my sister asked. My mother put her arm around my youngest brother. “Seconds later he and his copilot heard a rumble. Just then, a 747 broke out of the clouds and landed... on the very same runway that had just been cleared for Dad. If he hadn’t waited those extra seconds, the two planes would have collided.”

We all sat in wonder. Had our prayers really saved our father from an unthinkable disaster? There was only one way to be sure.

“What time was this?” I asked.

My mother wiped her eyes. “5:17 p.m.,” she said

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great story prayer and gods voice proverbs 1:33 luke 18:1 psalm 32:6
he who hear the Lord will be safe thank you brothers amen

My prayers are for all who asked for prayers: I pray that in whatever way God chooses to answer all of our prayers, that He also gives us the strength and courage to accept the results. Just last week, my family and I were leaving on a road trip. We paused at the back door for a brief prayer. When got in the car and left, forgetting to lock or even shut the door. I called back a week luster to ask my other daughter Togo by and put out the water bottles for the next day delivery and everything was intact. God knows what is best for His children, we just gave to trust.

I love my subscription to Guideposts. Years ago my mom always had a subscription. I love every story. Very encouraging uplifting. Thanks to all who write those stories.

I have no doubt of the power of pray thats why im coming humble before god and others asking for a miracle of healing and deliverence .I'm 10 weeks pregnant and im scared after seein an positive H.i.v result im praying for a miracle that during the next few test that i would be h.i.v negative for myself my unborn baby and boyfriend god please send us a miracle a blessing a healing ....please pray for us all to be H.i.v negative in jesus name.

God knows our hearts and our needs even before we bring them to him. He is just waiting for us to bring our needs to him. In bringing them to him we are submitting to His power His wisdom His will.

God I just want to start with praise. Father God I thank you for who you are. I thank you for being so gracious to us. I thank you for allowing us to come to you at anytime with any need.
Father God I just want to lift up Nakisha and her unborn child to you. Father she is afraid and Father I know fear is not of you. Father I ask that you pour your peace out up on Nakisha right now. Father I ask that you fill her cup full to overflowing. Father we have all had our own peaceful time and peaceful moments but Your peace Father...Your peace is the kind of peace I desire for Nakisha right now. The kind of peace that passes all human understanding. This is the kind of peace I desire for Nakisha right now.
Father God Nakisha received a positive test result for HIV. Father I know we were created in Your image and that image is of completeness and wholeness, and Father that is what I am asking for Nakisha right now is completeness and wholeness. Father I am asking that you back into alignment every single cellular structure the way you created it to be.
Father I know that babies are blessing from you God. So I ask Father that your covering be over this unborn child. That a hedge of protection be put over and about this child so that anything that is not of you cannot come near, cannot even enter in. Because evil cannot stand in the light of Your glory.
Father I ask that You give her peace amidst this storm.
I ask all these things thru Your son's precious, precious name...thru Jesus we pray. Amen

Praise God for the power of prayer. Iam praying for you all and pray for my own financial ease.

praying to sell my house in white plains trying off and on for 7 years ,old and tired.

Pray for a miracle. My family desperately needs money. I need a home for my mother and I and my younger brother. He is sick and where he's living is a poor environment. He belongs home. He's been gone for 10 years in the hospital. I'm dyingI feel his pain.

Christ please find a suitable home for Sara and her family, and provide them w the means to support the home and them selves. Please unite this family again , and fill Sara w your Grace of peace and understanding until her desire is fulfilled. Amen. Amen


Hust got a divorce and I still love my wife and even more in love with her. I pray that God works in her to give me another chance. I also to put God number one the second go round. I love my family and that's where I want to be. I just ask God to work on my spouse her heart mind and spirit.

Heavenly Father, you are in the business of healing broken people and broken relationships. Please be with Anthony as he works on putting you first in his life and bless his efforts. Heal the hurts in the hearts of Anthony and his wife. Please move his wife's heart to give him another chance. Pull them both closer to you, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

Please pray for my mom who has been diagnosed with a very aggressive, malignant brain tumor. She is undergoing radiation treatments and we are praying for remission.

I'm praying for your Mothers doctors,nurses, and family..That all will lovingly know the right thing to do to help comfort and heal your Mom. You love her with your daughter's love,but God loves her even more as her Father

Praying for your mom Kathy! Don't give up hope and stay positive! Kick this thing- give your mom strength and courage through your words, your actions- don't give up without a fight!

Yes, Prayer does work. I've had similar things happen. What would I do without God?

Thanks for the above incident:"THE ACCIDENT THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN - THANKS TO PRAYER"!

It is reassuring to know that INTERCESSORY PRAYERS do work! We should ALL keep praying for one another.


I receive guideposts and angels . I go to bed reading them. Life is beautiful but can be hard- I so look foreward to the inspiration and uplifting spirit that comes in these stories. I am renewing his mysterious ways too!!

Pray for me that the Lord will lead and guide me to the right direction I need guidance, I am getting puzzled I moved from Michigan to Texas I am having a promblem finding a descent place to live and a price that i can afford I am staying with family, But i have a house full of furniture in storage I really ready to move it here but I need some where to put it. I really dont know my way around And i am not computer genius yet My family is a busy family with there own promblems, So time with them is limited.

Dear Father, I want to pray to you on behalf of Debra. She wants to move to Texas so she can be self sufficient. She wants to make a new start in her own home with her own belongings. Please recognize her heartfelt belief that she can live on her own, now with her own belongings around her. My prayer is that you will see her heart, and arrange for her to take hold of a happy life, may you grant her this prayer.
In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

WOW, God is able!

I have been praying for a home that I can afford,Don't want to rent anymore every time my lease is up my rent goes up,or they sell the home and its a new landlord. I am raising my two grandsons and we need a home.My credit wasn't the best, it has gotten better much better. I havwe paid off credit, but there is always something that comes out of the woodworks. I pray al the time to God for a Miracle, I can't see the light. I don't want to lose my faith

Praying for the Lord to provide the perfect home for your family and that you can always afford. Nothing is Impossible for GOD

Where are you looking for a home? If you are looking in updtate NY, please contact me at Karen

Dear Lord. I pray that you cancel ALL credit linked toAntonees in the name of Jesus. I pray Father that You give her a home for her Grandchildren and herself; You are the Waymaker. Make a way for her. Thank You for her home in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

my mother was suppose to be in the airplane that crashed over Cerritos in los angeles back in the 80's. she had changed her flight in Guadalajara because her mother there became ill or something like that. if she had not changed her flight we would have lost her. happy to say that she is still with us and getting to meet her great grandchildren things happen for a reason. god bless everyone on flight MH370 and everyone who has to fly for what ever reason

Pray works. Pray changes things. John 14, verse 13: And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Anything that we ask in Jesus name he will do it. Pray is the key to speaking to our God. He will always answer.

And sometimes He says "No!" Because 'no' is an answer, too! I prayed until I was cross-eyed that God would save my only child suffering from Melanoma. She suffered horribly over a 2-1/2 year period from February, 2003 until August, 2005. By her last day, I was praying He would take her, she had suffered enough. She was only 41. She was married to the sweetest man for 18 years, her soulmate. He hasn't remarried and still calls me 'Mom.' They had no children. Now I'm facing my elder years alone and praying God will let me keep my mind so I can make it through to the end without burdening my decreasing family members.

Amen and Amen.

I believe the pilot and his family had such a close bond of love, that
all that love power, combined with their faith in God, is what kept the
pilot from moving his plane. I see God's love and protection everywhere.
I didn't ask him for a healing when I was so sick with a MRSA infection
but I did ask him to hold me close every day. The healing dumbfounded
the doctors. They thought I was going to die. I'm home now, writing this
comment, and I'm a changed man. I'm finally at peace with myself. And
daily I ask our Heavenly Father for guidance and direction, so that I
can share the love in my heart with all the people I meet, either by
being a listener, silently praying for them, or talking to them openly
if that's what they need. And the love I'm receiving from God is so
strong and powerful, yet it's quiet and gentle. All my life I've shoved
God away, until now. The feelings I have, daily, are beyond description.
But I am so very grateful I have finally opened my heart to spiritual
Love. AS I said, I'm a completely changed man.

I'm a Malaysian, and to know that many people all over the world are praying for MH370 (MAS) is truly touching. Pray that they will be safe. I've learned that our times are in God's hands, and our days on earth are ordained by Him. I'm travelling on MAS tomorrow back to my home, and I'm praying for God's travelling mercy that sometimes we can take for granted. God bless everyone who are praying for the passengers of MH370.

I ask for prayer for the world and peace in our hearts. God has given us so much to be thankful for. Each one of us can thank God in a small special way by the way we treat each other and being good Stewarts of the wonderful world He has given to us.

I loved this story. It just proves that God is always listening to us. This morning while driving to work, I was ranting about some personal things, but not really praying. I looked to my left as I drove on the beltway to work and saw a huge, amber moon. I suddenly felt ashamed and asked God to forgive for my complaining and thanked Him for listening to me and for all the blessings I receive. I told a co-worker about the moon and said "You know, it made me feel very small" but to God, we are very important, each and everyone of us. Thank you, Lord, for your love and care.

We serve an awesome God who hears the prayers of His faithful believers. Prayers are our "pipeline" directly to God the Father through Our Lord Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

I asked for your prayers that my brother be free from strong alcohol influence and that he find his way to God. I believe that my ovarian/peritoneal cancer stage 3 is the way our Father in heaven brings my brother closer to Him. For together, he and my other brother go to church and pray for me, their big sister. Thank you so very much. May his change of heart continue.

Prayer Works, I ask you to pray for me to stop drinking and for me to be back in college. My Pray have been answered, so I Thank you for your Prayer line. God Bless!!!

Our Lord is mindful of our lives ; This prayer of the mother proved to be the saving grace and that we should be praying with thankful hearts all the time.

The prayer not only saved your dad, but 139 people. Be blessed the name of God.

I know this was never put on our news media...but these things should be done...we are now praying to God for the people in Malaysian plane who are sad...where are they? With all those families who are so distraught I am praying for them...all of them...

I agree. If prayer were in all the newspapers it would gradually and wonderfully change our country. The people on
the Malaysian plane are safely in God's care now. They're
not afraid. They're safe. When their plane went into the sea God lifted them all, no matter what creed or their past,
into his Beloved House for all Eternity. His Loving Son is
with them, helping them get adjusted to their new life. They didn't die. They changed. They changed from being in
flesh to being pure Soul. That's what God does. He loves us and cares for us beyond description. And when accidents like the plane crash occur, when people just disappear from our physical world like they did, God also is holding those families and friends very, very close. Oftentimes they don't realize this because their personal pain is so great. But our Loving Father and His Son are in their hearts, helping them to adjust. And when it's their time, The
Son of God will help them cross-over also. God is Love
and Love is God. The passengers on the Malaysian plane
are now experiencing the most incredibly beautiful Love.
And our Loving Father will reunite them with their loved
ones when it's their time. And I'm absolutely positive that all the prayers from everyone around the world, for the
families and passengers of the Malaysian plane, are essential to help God help all those people. Prayer is fathomless with helping people, no matter who they are or how they believe. Prayer is a gift, both for the giver and for the receiver. Jesus taught us how to pray, so long ago, and yet he's with us always. The plane crash was horriffic, but the passengers are all with their Saviour now.