The Five-Dollar Miracle

In this excerpt from Extraordinary Answers to Prayer, one woman's prayer profoundly changed a stranger's life.

By Eva Juliuson


If  I am ever tempted to think someone is too difficult for God to transform, or if I forget that God can work miracles in people’s lives, all I have to do is think of Robin. It’s a good thing I was praying for her before I saw her for the first time. Otherwise I probably would’ve kept the door bolted and called the police!

I didn’t know whom I was praying for at the time, but looking back, God knew she would be coming to the door long before the pounding came. It started when my husband, who was also my Sunday school teacher, gave us each a five-dollar bill and told us to invest it in God’s kingdom.

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We had been studying Jesus’ parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30. No five-dollar bill has probably ever been prayed over as much as I prayed over that one. I wanted to invest it so it would multiply in a huge way for God’s kingdom. Since nothing came to mind yet, I folded it and put it in a special place in my purse so I wouldn’t accidentally spend it.

I continued to pray that God would show me how to invest it. The next weekend my husband and I hosted a 24-hour prayer vigil at our church. We stayed in the lobby of the church to let people in and out through the night as they came to pray.

Somewhere around 5 a.m. I prayed, asking God, “If anyone is walking by the church and needs You, just lead them to the door of the church.”

Half an hour later, the door reverberated with a loud banging. I opened it and a frantic woman, who looked as if she were on the verge of death, fell into my arms screaming, “Thank God, you are here! I was going to kill myself!”

As she held on to me for dear life, sobbing uncontrollably, I quietly responded, “You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been praying for you.” The woman’s name was Robin, and she looked like a skeleton. Her eyes were sunk deep into her face with no life at all–only showing horror.

She had been on crack cocaine for quite some time. It had robbed her of all beauty, dignity and hope. I had never seen anyone so full of fear and void of hope. We prayed with her throughout the night until almost noon the next day. Then she asked for some money for a bus. I told her I was sorry I didn’t have any money. That was when God reminded me that I had that five dollars I’d been praying over. Immediately I argued, No, God! She might spend it on drugs. I don’t want to invest it in her. She’s a mess. Remember, Lord, I want to invest it so that it will multiply in a huge way.

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Once again, God spoke quietly to my heart telling me He wanted to invest in her. I humbly obeyed. I tried to explain to her what this five dollars meant–that God was investing in her. She was too messed up at the time to comprehend what she’d been given.

More than a year passed and Robin faced many hard times. She seemed to take a couple of steps forward and then three or four backward. She ended up in jail once, and in the drunk tank a couple of times. At one time she walked the streets homeless for several days with no shoes and ended up with bloody feet.

Another time, it broke my heart to drop her off at the homeless shelter–at that stage, with her addiction, I felt having her in our home would endanger my children. Several times I was tempted to give up on her, but each time I heard God speak to my heart, “Did I ever give up on you?” He also reminded me that He would honor my prayers of investing the five dollars I wanted to invest in such a big way in his kingdom. So I kept at it.

Slowly I began to see drugs and street life lose its grip on Robin. I would get so excited when she called to tell me some new truth she had learned.

She was beginning to grow her faith. Some parts of her old life were harder to give up. She had lived in survival mode for so long that she often came to church asking people for things.

One time I had to ask her a very hard question. Gently, I asked her if she was coming to church to worship and serve her Lord or if she was coming just to see what she could get from people. My heart felt broken because she wouldn’t speak to me for more than two months. Yet apparently God was still speaking to her during that time.

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Please pray for my financial situation. I want to be debt free. Prayer is popowerful and God is good.
Mary Rose

I want to thank God for his miraculous healing of by brother's heart attack. God, you are our wonderful physician, our glorious provider and redeemer. Thank you Lord for being here for us.

Mine is not a comment,I am asking for help for me and my family trust me I do believe in God between 2006 and 2013 I've had 11 surgeries I did truly died on my 10th one they had to revive me I believe that He has a plan for me I don't know what it is, I still smoke drink occasional I can't seem to stop please pray for me
Thank you So very much

This story is my life I'm Robin but I'm just a different gender and a different name this story has really touched me for so long I've thought God had turned His back on me & forsaken me and left me to live my life by myself without his love and him caring and walking with me in my hard times. Just like Robin i am a drug user I've lost everything & everyone in my life I'm homeless jobless and no one i can count on or ask for help and my faith and hope are weak also i have legal trouble dealing with drugs even though they weren't mine. This story i believe was meant for me to renew my faith and hope in Our God & Lord Jesus Thank You for this awesome story i needed it and i have $7.00 to my name and i. would like to use it for his work its not much but its all i have if anyone knows how i can put this money to use please email me @ THANK THIS SITE AND THIS ORGANIZATION FOR EMAILS LIKE THIS THEY REALLY DO REACH OUT & TOUCH AND GIVE PEOPLE LIKE ME HOPE THAT GOD IS STILL THERE AND HASN'T LEFT OUR SIDES THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE WONDERFUL MESSAGES OF HOPE. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AS I START TO TURN MY LIFE AROUND I HAVE A WAYS TO GO PLEASE YOUR PRAYERS ARE TRULY NEEDEED , WELCOME, AND GREATLY APPRECIATED. GLORY BE TO THE LORD OUR GOD IN HEAVEN THANK YOU JESUS.AMEN AND AMEN

Your story of the 5 dollar bill and of God's Great Faithfulness touch me as I read it today. I have a Prodigal Son whose life was nearly destroyed by a TBI along with the alcohol and drug problems that came with it. My son still has many hurtles to overcome due to 10 years of alcohol, drugs, anger outbursts, and DUIs. This story encouraged me to have hope for him,in his healing and in his life. Right now we are seeing all of this through a glass darkly, but know God is in control of this difficult situation. We pray that our Prodigal will find the will of God for his life and will be able to serve the Lord with great joy...and have a life that counts for Jesus. A Prodigal's Mom

this story is beautiful.all need help,finance and will make me listen and act more in the LORD.THANK YOU

My husband has been in a very deep depression. He is constantly sleeping! I am always praying for him, BUT Sometimes I break down as this is hard for me and it has taken a toll on me as I spend my evenings from four in the afternoon on through the night by myself. He is a believer but our financial downsize has affected him tremendously. But I praise Our Lord Jesus Christ because I have seen a slight improvement in him. With God, All break throughs are possible. Don't give up your faith In Our God and by all means when feeling low and under, Praise Him with all your might! Amen

Awesome!! Praise the Lord!

I'm praying for my husband to stop drinking and smoking, that he may find the way to put God first in his life. He's a believer in God, but in practical life, doesn't seem to be there. Please God, help him with the peace only You can give!Amen

This story shows what prayer can do when people are open to accepting Christ, as "Robin" was. Unfortunately, I am dealing with a family member who is an atheist and who enjoys doing evil and thinks those who believe in God are just not very intelligent. When you are dealing with "intellectuals" like this or like Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins, there is little you can do except pray to be protected from them.

please help me cope with my husbands dementia I am so sick I am throwing up bile. my God please help me. my husband now is screaming always. he is in a nursing home. he can't walk or talk I have to feed him. Please take him to heaven to be with peace. I am ready for that!

I pray that God places his angels around you to comfort and shield you during this stressful part of your life. I wish I was there to be able to help you take a break and care for your husband for you. I cannot imagine being locked in the condition he is in, and pray for peace for him. I beg God to hear your prayers and work his grace and blessings in your day to day life. Sometimes his answers may not exactly be what we were asking for but you can rest assured they will be the right ones. God Bless you. Love to you in Christ's name.

Reading this reminded me that God can do miracles and that He uses us to do many things. It also helped me to see that I must not give up on my brother. He is dying from lung cancer, and he is angry and sometimes just plain mean. I will continue to pray that he comes to believe in Christ before he dies so that his children might also see their worth to God our Father. I just pray he comes to Christ before he dies.

What a beautiful reminder to never let go of hope, no matter what the circumstance! There are times when WE are part of the answer and our faithfulness and perseverance will make all the difference in the situation. We must choose not to give up hope in Him. As Romans 5 instructs, it is perseverance that leads to godly character which leads to the hope that never disappoints!

What am incredible story. GOD is a MIRACLE worker.

Thank you for this reminder that God works in sync with the person's readiness, drawing them to Him as they are ready to come.

God is able to do all things. ALL!! Put the sheild of God on.