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The main purpose of
prayer—whether traditional 
Christian prayers, daily Bible
verses, spontaneous pleas for 
help or expressions of praise
and thanksgiving—is to 
connect us to a Higher Power,
to deepen our relationship
to our Lord, and to affirm our
hope and  faith in God’s love. 

Come pray with us.


Recent Prayer Stories

How to make your prayers express emotions, hopes and dreams with passion and variety.

by Bob Hostetler

Can you find something sacred when standing over a sink full of dirty dishes? 

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

Sometimes those moments of “considering now the lilies” happen in the oddest places.

by Rick Hamlin

Pastor and author Max Lucado

It shouldn’t be that hard, but sometimes we make it so, says the acclaimed pastor and author in his new book.

by Max Lucado
, San Antonio, Texas

Prayer makes holiness as real and alive and present as starlight and thunder.

by Bob Hostetler

Tanya and Mike

She said yes to his proposal, but she was still nervous about their future, until a tinkling bell reassured her...

by Tanya Richardson
, New York, New York

 Some simple suggestions to reset your spiritual operating system.

by Bob Hostetler

On an icy Sunday with treacherous roads, a reverent stillness is found at home.

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

Worthless and worn. But the right place to sit and pray to God.

by Rick Hamlin

A website that offers a quick moment of reflection at your desk or even your laptop.

by Bob Hostetler

They prayed like few people do these days–persistently, generously and often outrageously.

by Bob Hostetler

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Try this prayer exercise excerpted from The Power of Positive Thinking.

by Norman Vincent Peale

It isn’t the worst thing that could happen, not by a long shot. 

by Rick Hamlin

The first rule? Don't be timid.

by Bob Hostetler

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