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The main purpose of
prayer—whether traditional 
Christian prayers, daily Bible
verses, spontaneous pleas for 
help or expressions of praise
and thanksgiving—is to 
connect us to a Higher Power,
to deepen our relationship
to our Lord, and to affirm our
hope and  faith in God’s love. 

Come pray with us.


Recent Prayer Stories

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ all offer opportunities for prayer.

by Bob Hostetler

A teenage boy clasps his hands in prayer.

When a teen's eyes are injured in a chemical explosion, his prayers receive an answer.

by Mel Ely
, San Diego, California

We cannot live a regret-free life, but we can seek wisdom in prayer to make good decisions.

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

Catherine Marshall

One of the most powerful spiritual voices of the 20th century, Catherine Marshall did some of her most memorable writing for Guideposts.

by Catherine Marshall
, from the October 1960 issue of Guideposts

What if a homeless guy wandered into your birthday party? What would you do?

by Rick Hamlin

Who picked the strawberries you ate for breakfast? Why not pray for them?

by Bob Hostetler

Is the death penalty a divine prerogative that we have usurped?

by Edward Grinnan

Savor those words; relish, consume, drink them in, be nourished by them.

by Bob Hostetler

Pray and plan for success. Your attitude will give you power. 

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

The years count more now. And they can be full of love, kindness, understanding and peace.

by Rick Hamlin

It can be a picture, a song, a landmark or smell that prompts you to pray.

by Bob Hostetler

 Lord, may we discover the inner joy of Christmas. 

by Rev. Pablo R. Diaz, D.Min

Christmas shopping, for me, comes closer to the agonies of Holy Week. 

by Rick Hamlin

A fitting benediction to your Christmas celebration or to your everyday life. 

by Bob Hostetler

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